Chen Farah married far away from France after the pro-exposure of the current state of happiness: with daughter to start work at any time breastfeeding, 4 days a week French lessons

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From the marriage to the birth of her daughter, Farrah Chen kept a low profile, not interviewed by the Hong Kong media, but only from time to time in the social media platform to share their happiness with everyone.

The latest interview with the Hong Kong media on May 16 is her first interview after her second marriage, and she opens up about her married life with her husband Emmanuel and the details of motherhood, admitting that she is excited every day.

The newest interview is the first one after the second marriage.

She revealed in an interview that she brought her daughter and husband into the set this month after vaccinations, because she had to breastfeed and her daughter had to be with her, so she could only take care of her baby while filming, and the staff was non-thoughtful and had the RV parked in front of the set to make it easy for her to breastfeed and rest at any time.

For pregnancy and childbirth, Chen Farah was initially very anxious, the epidemic made everything complicated, in the first six months of pregnancy, she had not considered where to go to give birth, the hospital did not allow family members to accompany the birth, until the sixth month decided not to think too much about the natural, her husband stayed at home to work, take care of Chen Farah and the fetus, the two families are the same, hired a sister-in-law but most things personally, will not indulge their daughter.

The two of them share the same outlook, hiring a sister-in-law to do most of the work, and never indulging their daughter. For this past experience, Fala Chen is reluctant to mention, said with her current husband Emmanuel is two years after the divorce by a friend introduced to meet, it turns out that Emmanuel is Chinese, speak Chinese but familiar with Chinese culture, the two immediately hit it off, and soon get the love of both parents.

Emmanuel is super academic and handsome, but marriage will inevitably have friction, the two have had differences and even quarrels, but since having children, they understand each other better and the tacit understanding is getting better and better.

The marriage is no longer a marriage of accommodation, the in-laws are very open-minded and interested in Chinese culture, on the contrary, Farrah Chen does not know French at all, until she is pregnant with her daughter, her husband said to her, after I and my daughter say what the secret, you are in the dark. Only then did Farrah decide to learn French systematically, taking online classes four days a week, which she has been doing since she got pregnant.

The 40-year-old Farrah Chen is incredibly resilient, taking online classes four days a week to learn French while filming a movie and raising a child is simply too cruel to herself.

However, Chen Farah enjoys it and admits that she enjoys her work very much. There is no difference between Hollywood and home, and she has become good friends with the crew, and they usually get together for dinner.

After moving abroad, her parents also live with her, so there are not too many worries, but her mother-in-law died of blood cancer, and her mother had a benign tumor, so Farrah Chen focus on regulating physical and mental stress, exercise every day after giving birth, drink more sugar water, sleep more to maintain physical and mental health.