48-year-old jade idol comeback! Ye Yunyi tied twist braid wearing school uniform as a student, weight loss success in good condition

On May 16, jade idol Yeh Yun Yi exposed her recent status by posting a video on her personal social account.

It turns out that she, who has not been seen for a long time, has made a comeback to make a video promoting the reuse of glass bottles and reducing the use of plastic bottles in order to appeal to people to protect the environment, and she even went out of her way to play a middle school student in the film.

At first, Yeh Yun Yi appeared in a gray school uniform with a red polka dot school bag on her back. To make herself look more like a student, she wore only light makeup and tied her shiny black hair into a twist braid.

Now 48 years old, since her successful weight loss, her skin is getting whiter and tighter, her body is slim and in great shape, but a closer look can still reveal a sense of age, and she is slightly out of place in her school uniform.

The camera turns, Ye Yunyi change back to usually wear the moringa style clothing, head also wore a brown beret to do embellishment, dress literary model. Contrast down, or this body clothes more suitable for her.

Of course, Ye Yunyi is not trying to pretend to be young, she just wants to make a comedic interpretation to impress everyone.

In addition to shooting promos, she has also recently tried to start a live broadcast as a netizen, sharing her daily life with her fans with an average frequency of once every 2 days.

Talking about why she wants to do live streaming, she confessed that she loves new attempts because it feels fresh and it is interesting to try.

Although the live broadcast was not long, she had been popular in Asia, but still attracted many fans from different countries to brush gifts for her, the popularity is quite high.

Discovered by a talent scout in the 1980s, Yeh Yun Yi attracted a lot of attention in her first commercial with her sweet and lovely looks as well as her pure and unpretentious temperament.

After that, she turned to film and television development, in just a few years, a large number of films, collaborating with all the big names, including Jackie Chan, Leung Ka Fai, Cheung Man, etc., the future is very bright.

Unfortunately, Yeh Yun Yi was too young to understand the importance of running a business. Soon after, she married the rich second generation Chen Bo Hao, and said goodbye to a short but brilliant acting career.

However, she did not marry a good man. After the marriage, Chen Bo Hao soon revealed his philandering nature and disliked his wife in every way. Gradually, the two had more and more conflicts, and then the divorce ended.

After leaving the rich family, Yeh Yun Yi went through a lot of difficulties in order to support a pair of children, but she did not give up lightly and continued to get up after falling down.

After years of hard work, her life is now back on track and her children have grown up and know how to obey their mother.

She has been single for many years, and there has been no shortage of suitors around her, but she says outright that she won’t get married again. It seems that after a failed marriage, she still has heart palpitations.