Well-known netizens recognized Wuhan pneumonia confirmed whole body bursts of pain and insomnia: meat was squeezed into a piece

Malaysia’s famous netizen Dato’ Sai admitted that he was diagnosed with pneumonia in Wuhan, with pain and breathing difficulties, but there were not enough local beds, so he could only be isolated at home. (Taken from CharlesTee& Mona YT channel)

The pneumonia epidemic in the world continues to be feverish, even Taiwan has fallen, for two days blasting hundreds of confirmed cases, people are on edge, extra worried about their own health and the health of their friends and relatives, Malaysia’s well-known netizen Dato’ Sai (CharlesTee), recently confessed that he was also darted, he took a film to record the onset of the process, it is difficult to conceal the depression confessed that the body is very painful, even breathing is a problem. “As if there is a thing topping the throat, has been topping is to make you very difficult to breathe”.

The netizen Dato’ Sai usually shoots funny videos with his land-based girlfriend Mona, and his popularity is quite high, but recently he was found to be deeply affected by Wuhan pneumonia, and the heavy news was made public, Dato’ Sai admitted that he had been hit by the dart, and first tested himself positive at home, and then went to the clinic for another test to verify the fact that he had been diagnosed. He confessed that “his whole state of mind collapsed”, and his diagnosis was confirmed on the 4th of this month when he woke up and felt dizzy, and first thought it was food poisoning, but there was no diarrhea or vomiting, so he rested at home first.

He was dizzy for 3 days, during which he took Prana Pain for a slight improvement, but did not completely solve the problem. On the 4th day, Nadusai started to have a fever, and only then did he think in the direction of Wuhan pneumonia, after which his girlfriend did a preliminary test for him at home, and the rapid screening showed that he was positive, and only then did he rush to the clinic for a formal test to confirm that he had contracted Wuhan pneumonia.

And because the local epidemic is also quite serious, the authorities said the number of beds is not enough, so tell Dato’ Sai he may not be admitted to hospital treatment, so all he can do is to stay at home in isolation, and the biggest physical change is not as in the past, a long string of words in one breath, there will be some wheezing, and the whole body bursts pain, pain to sleep, even if you fall asleep will also wake up in pain,, ” It feels like your meat is squeezed into one piece by others, all squeezed in the middle of my back”, exclaims very painful, Dato’ Sai also reveals his current condition, no sense of smell but still retains the sense of taste, and the fever has subsided.