Names of some young people in vile Wiki case disappear from official system again

The names of the 24 young people sentenced in the “Vicious Wiki” case, which was triggered by the leak of Xi Jinping’s daughter’s personal information, once mysteriously disappeared from the official system, but it was later confirmed that they were secretly taken to Foshan by the police, where many of them were tortured to extract confessions. The second trial of the case ended recently, and today (May 16) some parents told Voice of Hope Radio that some of the young people have disappeared from the official system again, causing great fear among parents.

A parent of the convicted youngsters, who requested anonymity, told the station that several parents had tried to send money to their children through the Guangdong provincial government’s digital platform “Guangdong Provincial Affairs”, but found that the children’s names had disappeared.

The parents said: “Niu Tengyu and Zhang Qinrui (names) in the two, they were sentenced to heavy, several of those children are almost out, these have disappeared again, these parents ah frightened, and thought and mysteriously disappeared during the Foshan, called the detention center, said do not know, several parents took a plane over, asked them, in the end, where the children went, and finally he said, all in the detention center. said, all in the detention center it.”

The parent said that when parents asked why the children’s names were missing, the people at the detention center were evasive.

Some parents wondered if the children were being threatened because the police were afraid that they would reveal what had happened inside when they got out.

Our reporter called the Guangdong Maoming No. 1 Detention Center, where the youngsters are being held, and the person who answered the phone said he was not sure and asked the reporter to call back during working hours to inquire.

A similar situation had occurred before. At one point, for about six months, parents found their children’s names had disappeared from the system when they deposited money for them.

The police, in order to frame Niu Tengyu as the main culprit, tortured him with “tiger stool”, prolonged hanging and burning of his private parts. Niu was sent to hospital several times.

Previously, parents of young people who had been released from prison revealed to the station that other children were also tortured, and that the children were unable to buy daily necessities such as toothbrushes and toilet paper because their parents were unable to save money for them.

The case was sparked by the leak of personal information about Xi Jinping’s daughter Xi Mingze and brother-in-law Deng Jiagui. The case resulted in the conviction of 24 young people associated with the “Vulgar Wiki” website. Xiao Yanrui, the founder of the site and now based in Japan, disclosed to the media earlier that Xi’s daughter’s personal information was purchased from within the police and had nothing to do with the 24 young men.

Xiao Yanrui said the personal information of Xi Jinping’s family was first disclosed by the overseas “Red Bank Foundation” and “Chinawiki” websites, and “Vulgar Wiki” shared the links. The public security officials in charge of the case could not catch the overseas exposer, so they arrested 24 young people as “scapegoats”.

He also disclosed that the public security officers in charge of the case sent yin and yang documents to the Communist Party’s Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department and the Communist Party’s Ministry of Public Security, framing Niu Tengyu as the main culprit.

Niu Tengyu was sentenced to 14 years in prison and fined $130,000 in the first trial, and his sentence was upheld in the second trial, which just ended recently. Niu Tengyu’s mother told the station that Niu Tengyu insisted he was innocent and wanted to continue his appeal, but was prevented by the Guangdong Maoming police from meeting with his lawyer and signing his commission. And after the second trial verdict, the young men were supposed to be sent to prison, and they had their nucleic acid tested, but they were delayed in being sent away, which is rather unusual.