Chinese Communist virus residue! US study: causing sexual dysfunction?

There is a growing body of research related to Wuhan pneumonia, and now a new study has emerged in the United States that found that Wuhan pneumonia virus (aka: CCP virus) may stay in the genitals of men for up to six months, and some patients may also experience sexual dysfunction.

Wuhan pneumonia virus (CCP virus) (Photo: Pixabay)

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine conducted a study on four men between the ages of 65 and 71, two of whom had developed Wuhan pneumonia as early as eight months ago and had normal erectile function before the infection was diagnosed, before they began to experience sexual dysfunction.

The team pointed out that the endothelial dysfunction caused by the Wuhan pneumonia virus can enter the endothelial cells of the body and affect many organs, including the penis. Therefore, men who have been infected with the disease should be aware that erectile dysfunction may be an adverse reaction to the virus and should seek medical attention as soon as symptoms occur.