Paralyzed elderly man in his 90s get up and dance listening to red songs? Shanghai brainwashing triggers mockery

Recently Shanghai officials said that a 91-year-old paralyzed man suffering from cognitive impairment, listening to the red song actually got up and danced. It triggered a wave of mockery from netizens. (Screenshot of the video)

As the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its centennial, people around the world are beginning to “recruit” for the Cultural Revolution, even going so far as to brainwash the public through falsification. Recently, officials in Shanghai said a 91-year-old paralyzed woman with cognitive impairment got up and danced when she heard the familiar music of the Communist Party’s Red Song. This triggered a wave of mockery from netizens.

The official website of Shanghai Changning District government recently reported that a 91-year-old woman surnamed Gang, who has suffered from cognitive impairment for 16 years, has been in a wheelchair for three years. In early April this year, she was accompanied by her children and admitted to the Changning Wanhong Yuexin First Nursing Home. When she was admitted to the hospital, her family said that the cognitive impairment of the elderly had deteriorated severely in the past three years and she could not even recognize her own relatives.

The report said that on April 30, just granny with the familiar red song music, but slowly stand up, holding the hand of his daughter to dance.

Netizens have ridiculed the red song “miracle”

In response, netizens have mocked: “‘miracle’, the real ‘miracle’ ….. It seems that the party state’s doctors are going to lose their jobs, funeral homes are going to be closed, epidemics are gone, and the population is growing and the people are happy ……”.

The mainland media person Wang Yajun also tweeted to tease: an old villager’s cell phone ringing is “red song”, just a few rings, the ancestors in the graveyard are crawling out, along with the “red song” music to dance the “loyalty word dance “Come …… as long as the “red song” is played in the graveyard, the dead can be revived.

Wang Yajun then said mockingly: but the only drawback is that the “red song” can not be played continuously for too long, “faithful word dance” jump more, your family ancestors either missing arms and legs or will fall off the head.

-Wang Yajun & Wang Qiaozui (@yajunwwz) May16,2021

The Communist Party’s Centennial of Far-Left Thinking

Since 2021, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has used the centenary of the founding of the Party to revive the Cultural Revolution, with “red songs”, “loyalty dances” and “model plays” reappearing in Chinese folklore, and extreme leftist thinking making waves.

Gao Yu, a well-known journalist on the mainland, tweeted on the 13th that Maoist groups, including Wu You Zhi Xiang and Beijing Red Song Society, were going to hold activities to commemorate the Cultural Revolution on the 16th. But a dozen or so people were hounded at a gathering in Beijing. It is a rare event that so many Maoist leftist groups convene a conference in a grand manner.

In addition to Maoist groups, there is also the phenomenon of Chinese folk invoking the spirit of the Cultural Revolution. On Twitter, someone posted a video of a fitness center on the mainland, where people were dancing the “loyalty dance” on the spot, as well as on a Mercedes train.

Another video shows some young people dressed as “Red Guards” of the Cultural Revolution dancing the “Zhong Zi dance” on a bus in a Chinese city.

Another photo shows students in front of the Jinzi Shrine, lined up in “Eight Road Army” costumes. A netizen left a message saying, “I live in a small town with a national red attraction, and I see this outfit every day.”

The loyalty dance has resurfaced in schools

A mainland article titled “Terrible, Zhongzi dance resurfaces in schools” said that a class teacher in a school in Chongqing was teaching students to dance the “Zhongzi dance”. The “loyalty dance” was a group dance during the Cultural Revolution in which people fervently showed their loyalty to Mao Zedong, and was a favorite square dance of the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution.

The article says that there may be some elderly people who are still dancing now, and these elderly people are the Red Guards back then. It was thought that when this group of remnants of the Cultural Revolution died out, the Cultural Revolution would have completely left us. What is unexpected is that now, more than 50 years later, this kind of collective dance, which has been despised for many years, has been revived in schools.

In this regard, Jin Jinqiu, a senior media figure from the mainland, told the Epoch Times that the “loyalty dances”, red songs and model plays of the Cultural Revolution fundamentally contradict history and promote hatred, and are not art in themselves, but poison the people and create evil.

Huang Jinqiu said that many people inside and outside the Party are definitely disgusted with the Cultural Revolution. The top echelons of the Communist Party also did not believe in the sophistry of communism. They certainly do not want public opinion to see him as a remnant of the Cultural Revolution, as a remnant of the Cultural Revolution.

Mr. Huang pointed out that what the Chinese Communist Party has brought to mankind for a hundred years is a negative textbook, which is piled up with countless white bones and blood, and the sufferings and bloodshed created by the Chinese Communist Party are too numerous to be written.

The Cultural Revolution was an unprecedented catastrophe

The Cultural Revolution, known as the “Ten-Year Turmoil” and “Ten-Year Catastrophe,” was a political movement launched and led by Mao Zedong and the CCP’s “Central Cultural Revolutionary Group” from May 1966 to October 1976. It was a political movement launched and led by Mao Zedong and the CCP’s “Central Cultural Revolutionary Group” between May 1966 and October 1976.

The mainland writer Qin Mu once commented on the Cultural Revolution: “It was an unprecedented catastrophe. How many millions of people suffered hardships, how many millions of people died of hatred, how many families were torn apart, how many children and youths were turned into hooligans and villains, how many books were torched, how many famous monuments were destroyed, how many graves of sages were dug up, and how many evils were carried out in the name of revolution!

“How many millions of people died of hatred? How many people died in the Cultural Revolution? Various studies and official figures of the Chinese Communist Party show that at least millions of people were persecuted to death during the Cultural Revolution.

Yang Jijian, a senior journalist of Xinhua News Agency and former editor-in-chief of Yanhuang Chunqiu, has also documented in his book “Memory” that the Chinese road guided by Mao Zedong had already created hell on earth during the famine years, and the Cultural Revolution, which cleared the way for this road, created hell on earth again.

The entire process of the Cultural Revolution was fraught with power struggles from the central to the grassroots level. The movement swept down the political pariahs and beat up the bureaucratic groups. Every class, unit, region, and family was involved. Millions of Chinese citizens, especially intellectuals and high-ranking Communist Party officials, were persecuted, forced to work, or executed.

The number of deaths caused by the Cultural Revolution remains a mystery to this day; historians estimate that it may have been as high as 2 million, while experts count at least 7.73 million unnatural deaths during the Cultural Revolution, according to Chinese county records.

And Ye Jianying, the patriarch of the Communist Party, once revealed in an internal meeting that the Cultural Revolution had consolidated 100 million people, killed 20 million, criticized 2.5 million officials, illegally imprisoned more than 300,000, and killed more than 115,500 officials unnaturally. Deng Xiaoping, on the other hand, admitted to foreign journalists that the real number of people who died in the Cultural Revolution was astronomical, a number that could never be estimated.