Chongqing Poly Xiangxue community outbreak of large-scale riot protests, owners chased away hundreds of black-clad men

On May 12-13, homeowners in Chongqing’s Yubei District Poly Xiangxue neighborhood engaged in a massive struggle with hundreds of black-clad men who flooded into the neighborhood. The conflict started when the local street tried to force a community office in the district, thus encroaching on the owners’ living space, and was thus rejected by the owners. The authorities then sent a large number of black-clad men into the neighborhood, injuring dozens of elderly people and children in the neighborhood, which led to a massive resistance from homeowners returning from work. After a fierce conflict, the black-clad men were all driven out of the neighborhood.

The origin of the conflict: a long-standing dispute between the street and the owners of the district

In the early hours of May 12-13, hundreds of people in black forced their way into the Chongqing Jiangbei District Poly Xiangxue neighborhood and had a massive clash with the owners. During the melee, some of the men in black were captured by the owners, and the following conversation took place between one of them and the owners.

Left: Two captured men in black had their tops removed and were squatting on the ground being shouted at by angry homeowners. Middle: A captured black man was cornered by the owner, removed his black clothes, and told the owner that he was “just working part-time” and “trying to earn some pocket money”. Right: The plaque of the police office smashed by the owner. (Provided by the owner of the community)

The captured man in black (has been removed from the black clothes): I am the Yubei District.

Homeowner: What is your job now?

The captured black man: I am part-time, I just came to see, I want to earn some pocket money well.

In this conflict, the angry owners defeated the man in black and smashed the community preparation group and police room in the district. So, why are these owners so angry and take such drastic measures?

Poly Xiangxue is a residential community built by Chinese central enterprise Poly Group in 2010, located in Shimahe Street, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, with more than 6,000 households and nearly 30,000 residents, and the community’s buildings are mainly high-rise residential buildings. Since 2014, Shimahe Street has been in constant dispute with the owners.

District owners Mr. Yang told reporters about the focus of the dispute between the two sides: “In 2014, the community to come in office, but then did not come in, because the owners of the district resolutely resist. This time to move in, the attitude is much tougher than the last time.”

In 2014, Shimahe Street plans to set up the community office of Xiangxueyuan inside the district, and signed an agreement with the district property management company without the consent of the owners. Taiwan oil tube host “regent diary” eight jong by contacting the community owners to investigate the circumstances of the matter, said in the program: “If this community institutions into the district, non-residents of this district to go to the community institutions must enter the district. As we all know, this community must be a resident to move in. If the community moves in, there will be a lot of non-community people freely entering and leaving (the community). Then, the community will feel very disturbed.”

Prelude to conflict: unidentified people posting notices for owners to block Gate 5

After failing to move into the neighborhood in 2014, Shimahe Street revisited the matter in April of this year. Starting on April 11, Shimahe Street repeatedly sent unidentified people into the neighborhood to post notices around. Mr. Yang said: “What is the most annoying thing? The community does not know where to find people, or their own people, they mixed in, mixed in the district to post all kinds of notices, direct notice that ‘we are moving in’. He didn’t even mean to ask.”

These notices are addressed to “Xiangxueyuan Community Preparatory Group”, which states that Poly (Chongqing) Investment Industrial Co., Ltd. has handed over to the Shimahe Street Office in 2014 the 13th and 15th buildings of Poly Xiangxue District with a total area of nearly 1,000 square meters of housing, “for the community’s working rooms and residents’ public welfare service facilities.”

Left: A notice posted in the neighborhood by unknown persons on April 11, 2021. Right: A large number of people in black attacked Gate 5 of the neighborhood during the day on May 12, 2021. (Courtesy of the neighborhood owner)

The community office scheduled to be set up, near Gate 5 of the neighborhood. The street agents took over the “Homeowner’s House”, the neighborhood’s homeowner activity site, and turned it into a community preparation site. In order to prevent access to the community office through Gate 5, the residents blocked Gate 5. There were no further confrontations for a month afterwards.

The black-clad men burst into the community and beat the elderly and children indiscriminately.

However, the situation took a sharp turn for the worse on Wednesday, May 12. According to the owners’ recollection, during the day, a large number of riot police equipped with riot water cannons appeared on the street outside the neighborhood, forming a line of more than 1 kilometer long. With the riot police pressed into service, more than 700 men in black forced their way into Gate 5.

He just wants to catch you off guard, so you have no choice,” Yang said. And when they came, they dragged people directly on the ground. Our side of a child’s ribs directly (was) beaten deformed, the notice of critical illness have been issued.”

The incident occurred at the time, because most of the young and strong owners work outside, those who stay in the community are mostly the elderly, children. The black-clad people in the process of breaking into the community, the elderly and children to carry out a tragic indiscriminate beating, resulting in many people injured. In the video provided by the owners, there were people who were dragged by force into the car and taken away.

By dusk, owners who had been out to work came home one after another from other doors in the neighborhood and found that the men in black had taken control of the neighborhood and that a large number of elderly people and children had been injured. Angry owners gathered and engaged in a massive struggle with the men in black, and the fierce conflict between the two sides continued into the early hours of May 13.

During the conflict, the owners smashed the room where the community preparation group of Xiangxueyuan was located and the police room in the district. Mr. Yang said: “You take advantage of the family’s young and strong, young people go to work during the day after the bullying of the family’s elderly, children, equivalent to the special bullying of the elderly, sick and disabled, that people must fight with you ah.

Middle left: From dusk on May 12, 2021 to the early morning of the next day, a large number of owners gathered and fought with the men in black in the neighborhood. Right: In the early hours of May 13, 2021, the owners expelled all the men in black and took back Gate 5. (Courtesy of the owners of the neighborhood)

The conflict resulted in the homeowners defeating the black-clad men and evicting them from the neighborhood. In the process, a number of black-clad people were captured, and one of them admitted under questioning that he was doing this “part-time” and “wanted to earn some pocket money”. Angry homeowners removed the clothes of the captured black men and shouted abuse at them before releasing the captives. As the black-clothed men were driven out of the neighborhood, the riot police who had been pressing behind them also retreated. It is also worth noting that during the clash, some owners photographed the figure of Chen Mao, secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Jiangbei District CPC Committee. For this reason, the reporter had called the Jiangbei District Committee to try to check, but the phone went unanswered.

On May 14, some owners called Shimahe Street and got a verbal assurance from the street side about not setting up a community office in the area. However, because the street side only verbal assurance, no written document guarantee, the district owners are not comfortable with this. At present, many owners are still gathering in the district, preparing for the next raid that may come. Negotiations between the owners and the street side of Shima River have also started since May 14 and are currently underway.

Louis Luo, who lives in the eastern United States, is from Chongqing and has friends among the owners of the Poly Xiangxue neighborhood. In response to the event, Louis said, “I think this incident is mainly a reflection of the spirit of resistance of the people of Basho. From the Road Protection Movement, a massive popular resistance movement that erupted in Sichuan in 1911 to oppose the nationalization of the Sichuan-Hanzhou Railway, in which the Qing court had a large stake. This event is also considered by historians to be a prelude to the Xinhai Revolution.) To this day, in fact, this spirit of resistance has always been still there. I suddenly remembered that this year is the 110th anniversary of the road protection movement, and that incident in Chengdu (press: referring to the Chengdu 49th Middle School incident) (happened) together. I think the street government disregarded the will of the people, violated their rights, and beat their own compatriots, the elderly and children. This incident should make them learn some lessons.”