Garza’s office bombed Al Jazeera: will not be silenced

Al Jazeera says it will not be silenced by an Israeli airstrike that destroyed a building housing international media outlets such as the Associated Press and Al Jazeera in the Gaza region.

Walid al-Omari, Al Jazeera’s Jerusalem bureau chief, said shortly after the destruction of the 13-story Jala Tower: “It is clear that those who are waging this war not only want to spread destruction and death in Gaza, but also want to silence the media that are witnessing, documenting and reporting what is happening in Gaza. silence, but that’s not going to happen.”

“This is one of a string of crimes committed by the Israeli military in the Gaza corridor.”

Footage broadcast by Al Jazeera showed the Gala building crumbling after an Israeli air strike, raising a huge mushroom of dust and rubble.

Jawad Mehdi, the owner of the Galla building, said Israeli intelligence officials warned him he had only an hour to evacuate the building’s occupants.

Israeli defense officials said the building contains news media outlets as well as offices of Hamas militants, and that “Hamas terrorist groups hide behind these civilian media offices and use them as human shields.”