36-year-old prodigy exposed himself to fat to the mouth and eyes, was warned to die in their 40s, after losing 66 pounds change

On May 15, Super Junior member, Prodigy, revealed that his obese body had caused his mouth and eyes to be crooked.

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The prodigy also heard the doctor’s remarks after making up his mind to start losing weight, and after successfully losing 66 pounds his appearance has changed dramatically, and after seeing the slim prodigy in the program, many viewers expressed confusion and could not even believe that the person on the screen was actually the original fat prodigy.

After the successful slimming of the prodigy in addition to a big change in appearance so that the audience was shocked, there are also many people curious about how he lost weight, the prodigy also shared his method to the network in the program: “eat and sleep on time, have a regular life, the waistline slowly shrink, other body values are gradually normal.”

After Prodigy’s success in losing weight this time, many netizens also asked Prodigy on social media software if he was worried about gaining weight again, to which Prodigy replied, “Gaining weight is not scary, netizen messages are scarier.”

The company’s former teammate, Han Geng, is also a familiar actor and singer to netizens.

The most recent photo of Prodigy was revealed, and you can see that Prodigy has gained a little weight compared to when he first started to lose weight successfully, but overall he is still very thin. The prodigy is also in good shape in the photo with the fans, not only smiling happily but also comparing to the camera with a big scissors hand.