Another TVB actor admitted to the hospital, sudden onset of pain unbearable to the inability to walk, had boiled to depression because of money

May 15 morning, according to Hong Kong media reports, recently another TVB actor hospitalized, David Jiang’s son-in-law Cao Yonglian for filming too hard body problems, triggered the netizens hot debate.

It was revealed that Cao Yonglian had a sudden pain on the set, hard to bear to walk, and this is not the first time he was hospitalized, some time ago also appeared dizzy phenomenon, not only has kidney stones and hereditary diabetes, previously was found to have a blood vessel blockage, need to do surgery to treat, but he in order to make money has been non-stop filming, and did not have a good rest.

And Cao Yonglian once because of money problems boiled to depression, so for the work caused by physical discomfort, he does not feel hard, confessed that all he did is to prepare for the two children.

This also makes many netizens call Cao Yonglian too hard, “This is too hard, but health or first hey!” The netizens were also moved by the fact that “this is probably the father’s love like a mountain, for the sake of the children also have to persist”.

In recent times, TVB stars have been hospitalized, not long ago 72-year-old actor Qin Huang was exposed to the hospital for the second time, in the pictures exposed by netizens, he was sitting in a wheelchair, revealing the swollen feet, the face is not in good shape, making people worried. The company’s main goal is to provide a solution to the problem.

Another popular TVB actor, Joanne Yuen, was also admitted to the hospital not long ago for health problems. The doctor said that Fan Joanne’s chest pain was due to high cholesterol, but it was found in time and can now be controlled with medication.

For all people, the body should come first, take care of yourself more than anything else.