Level 9 tornadoes hit Wuhan, China last night with 6 dead and 218 injured

Level 9 tornado swept across Wuhan! According to the latest statistics of Wuhan Emergency Management Bureau as of 4:30 on the 15th, 6 people were killed and 218 injured due to the disaster, 27 households and 85 rooms collapsed, 130 households and 400 rooms damaged, 2 tower cranes and 8,000 square meters of temporary work sheds. (Apollo.com editor’s note: The authenticity of the CPC figures cannot be guaranteed, and according to the traditional practice of the CPC, the casualty figures of such disasters are often much lower than the actual figures)

At 20:39 last night, a 9-level tornado with a wind speed of 23.9 meters/second broke out in Wuhan Caidian District’s Pie Mountain area and Wuhan Economic Development District’s Junshan area, causing serious damage and casualties, and the microblogging community was flooded with netizens hotly debating “the tornado was too lethal” and “sad! This year Wuhan extreme abnormal weather is too much, we must be prepared to protect themselves ah!” I really thought tornadoes were far away from our side, but I never thought I’d see one in Suzhou and Wuhan recently! Pray that these disasters weather pass sooner, pray that everyone is safe.”