The epidemic heats up! Hong Kong star Chapman To shouted at the Taiwanese

Hong Kong actor Chapman To.

The epidemic in Taiwan is heating up, with 180 additional local cases on May 14, and the two cities of Taipei and Xinbei entering the third level of alert from May 15 to May 28. In this regard, Hong Kong actor To Man Chak to the experience of the past, 71 words shouted to the people of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Center Commander Chen Shih-chung announced on May 15, Taiwan’s new Chinese communist virus (Wuhan pneumonia, new crown pneumonia) 180 cases of local cases, Taipei City and New Taipei City officially entered the third level of alert; the whole of Taiwan to close recreational venues, ban incense groups and bypassing activities, the whole of Taiwan campus closed to the public and so on.

The Hong Kong actor Du Wenze, who is filming his Netflix program in Taiwan, shouted to the Taiwanese through a Facebook post: “I can tell you responsibly as a person who has been through this, being careful and panicking are two different things, and losing control of your emotions is the death knell of a warrior. Relaxation does not mean relaxation, germs and enemies are most afraid of people who are calm and calm. Go Taiwan”!