Japan, U.S. and France train jointly in Japan for the first time to deter Chinese Communists

The U.S. Army conducts Noble Fury landing exercises from Okinawa to Iijima, Oct. 7, 2020. Pictured here are Marines quickly inserting themselves through air strikes, defeating simulated enemy forces, defending the airfield and establishing defensive positions on the island to support subsequent Navy operations. (Cpl. Josue Marquez/U.S. Marine Corps)

For the first time, the land forces of Japan, the U.S. and France are conducting joint training in Japan, hoping to strengthen the intimidation resistance against China (CCP). For Japan, it is quite rare for land forces from countries other than the United States, an allied country, to participate in joint training in Japan.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reports that the joint training envisages the defense of Japan’s outlying islands, to confirm the sequence of the land forces of the three countries to move their troops to the battlefield while ensuring safety after landing.

Japan’s Land Self-Defense Force this morning (May 15) with the U.S. Army Marines, the French Army, in Japan across Miyazaki Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture, Kirishima exercise site for joint training, and open for the media to film. This is the first time the French Army participated in joint training in Japan.

The Japanese side hopes that by deepening defense cooperation with France, it will strengthen its resistance to China (Chinese Communist Party), which is frequently active in the Diaoyutai Islands (called Senkaku Islands by Japan and the United States) and around Taiwan.

The total number of people in this joint training is about 220, including about 100 people from the Japanese Land Self-Defense Force, about 60 people from the U.S. Marine Corps and about 60 people from the French Army.

Because the global and Japan 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic are very serious, this training also thoroughly required epidemic prevention measures, including the French Army full staff in France after vaccination before arriving in Japan, the movement in the base is also strictly limited.