Vancouver has become the backyard of the mainland’s power elite, and the standard for entering the circle is “big G plus calf”.

There is a saying on the mainland that “if you haven’t been to Beijing, you don’t know how big the officials are, and if you haven’t been to Shenzhen, you don’t know how rich the people are”, but the reality is that the children of officials and rich businessmen are not blowing the sea breeze in Sanya, not eating western food in Shanghai Huaihai Road, and not embracing each other to buy sports cars in Beijing Golden Harbor. It can be said that Vancouver is the real gathering place of Chinese dignitaries, the big backyard.

Vancouver is located on the Pacific coast of southwestern British Columbia, Canada, and is the third largest metropolitan area in Canada. Thanks to its excellent climate, Vancouver has always been the most livable city in Canada and the most important city in Western Canada.

In the late 1980s, Hong Kong people were worried about the loss of economic power after the return of Hong Kong to mainland China, so nearly 230,000 Hong Kong people came to Vancouver, and Li Ka-shing even spent a lot of money to buy nearly 20% of the properties in downtown Vancouver at that time.

Especially after the 2008 Olympic Games, Vancouver has become the backyard of mainland families, and they have gradually replaced Hong Kong people as the main body of Chinese in the region. Vancouver now has several characteristics, Chinese slogans everywhere, if not for the difference in architecture, many people would think this is some city on the mainland; some communities have a surprisingly high rate of Chinese settlement, the streets are full of yellow skin, it is difficult to find a white person.

“Rich people go to Vancouver, ordinary people choose Toronto”, not to say that the Chinese in Toronto is more ordinary, but compared with the rich mainland people in Vancouver, the Chinese in Toronto is slightly shabby. The author knows a Chinese in Toronto who owns three villas and still has to go out to work during the epidemic to earn money, while the rich and powerful in Vancouver are mainly worried about having no place to spend their money because of the epidemic.

How rich are the mainland powerful people in Vancouver? Two-thirds of the houses purchased in Vancouver over 1.25 million Canadian dollars are purchased with the names of the purchasers in mainland pinyin. For homes priced over $5 million, purchasers with Chinese names account for 88% of purchases.

There is one luxury car owner for every 142 people in Vancouver, a number that dominates all of Canada. The Lamborghini dealership in Vancouver is priced between C$300,000 and C$550,000 per car, and 50% of the buyers are mainlanders. With these customers, the dealership has long been the second largest Lamborghini dealership in North America.

In Canada, there is an entry threshold in the rich international student circle, if you want to enter the rich circle of the standard is “big G plus calf”, that is, Mercedes-Benz G series plus Lamborghini sports cars, rich international students think that sports cars are too small for school, so you have to have a big enough car as a means of transportation, and sports cars are only used for spare time.

Canada as a whole attracts a large number of children of powerful people from the mainland, and they are basically found among all the international students who come to Canada to study. However, in their group, the backers are extremely secretive, and only a very few of them know each other’s real backstage. They often claim that their families are in business, so as to hide their official background, which is extremely inconsistent with their generous spending behavior.

In the end, how rich are the mainlanders in Vancouver? Take a high school student as an example, a wealthy student who came to Vancouver for the first time opened an account with 2 million Canadian dollars, which is converted into more than 10 million yuan, this money is just for “casual spending”. The real wealthy officials and families are using the free market to launder money from mainland China to Canada for food, drink and pleasure. Media reports indicate that Vancouver has long been a haven for money launderers, dominated by mainland players.

Recently, the U.S. suspended visa processing for the family members of leaders of certain Communist Party departments, which cover the spouses and children under the age of 30 of personnel in key departments such as the State Supervisory Commission, the Ministry of State Security and the Ministry of Public Security. The United States, Australia and Canada have long been the first choice for the powerful and wealthy to leave the country.

Canadians are also very tired of the Chinese elites who are flaunting their extravagance everywhere, who are not following the rules, who are speculating on the high prices of housing and who are making noise, and who are bringing the Chinese Communist Party officialdom into Canada. What Canadians may not know is that when the normally arrogant and powerful are asked what their fathers and husbands are doing in China, they change their arrogance and become silent.