Real-life version of the skin: the net reveals naked chat “so women” real body

The woman in the picture took off her body fake breasts and fake face.

The mainland police recently cracked a naked chat fraud case, two male suspects are suspected of wearing human skin masks, and then wearing fake breasts dressed as women for fraud.

The police have recently circulated on Weibo a suspected police propaganda video, reminding the public to be careful not to fall into the trap of naked chat. The clip shows a man wearing fake breasts and a fake face pretending to be a woman, so many netizens look at it and exclaim that it is a “realistic version of Painted Skin”.

At the beginning of the scene, only to see a long-haired woman wearing only sexy underwear, scratching her head for the camera. But when the camera turned, the woman suddenly pulled her “fake skin” from her neck, took off her “huge breasts” to reveal her flat chest, and finally tore off her “face skin” from behind her cheeks.

The clip attracted tens of thousands of views on Weibo, with many netizens exclaiming in their comments, “Oh my! The real-life version of the painting skin ah”, “I thought it was just beauty, the results are even the face is fake”, “this story told you not to chat naked”.