The Communist Party of China to strengthen the regulation of driving data Tesla first schedule support

The Communist Party of China (CPC) continues to strengthen the regulation of car data, and the State Internet Information Office proposed 21 regulations on information security management on the 12th, and invited public comments. The company’s newest product is a new product, a new product that will be released in the next few years.

The company has been in the process of developing a new product, which is a new product. The first time, the leading electric car Tesla expressed its support and called on all sectors to actively provide suggestions. The picture shows Tesla’s booth at the first China International Consumer Goods Fair held from 6th to 10th.

According to China’s National Internet Information Office released on the afternoon of the 12th “automotive data security management regulations for public comment”, there are 21 articles, which specify that the automotive industry operators in the collection of personal information, in addition to the law does not require the consent of individuals, should obtain the consent of the collected person.

As reported by CNA and Interface News, Tesla, a leading electric car manufacturer that has recently been hit by heavy Chinese regulatory action, expressed support for the authorities’ decision through its official Weibo account.

According to the Weibo post, Tesla stressed that “we support and respond to the industry’s development towards further regulation and work together to help technological innovation.” In addition, it also did not forget to shout to fellow industry players that “we welcome your active suggestions and suggestions to the relevant departments to promote the healthy and orderly development of the auto industry.”

Tesla’s recent “fall” in the Chinese market can be traced back to mid-April, when a car owner said he was dissatisfied with Tesla’s official post-accident measures, so he went to the Shanghai Auto Show to defend his rights, sparking a public debate. Many netizens followed the trend of criticizing Tesla for “eating Chinese rice but smashing Chinese bowls” and demanding to withdraw from the Chinese market; Chinese electric car companies also meant to say that “cheating car factories should stop their production and marketing qualifications”.

Xinhua News Agency and other official media even published a commentary that “car companies ‘store big bullying’, should strengthen supervision”.

Tesla, which was originally tough, apologized after a series of public criticism and accepted the official regulatory measures. Tesla is now increasing its dealings with Chinese regulators, strengthening its government relations team and announcing that it will develop a database exclusive to Chinese customers.