Mad rumors of grabbing supplies and shouting about Chinese vaccines? She exposed Beijing’s methods: a link in the cognitive battle

As the local epidemic resumes in Taiwan, a large number of statements advocating universal screening, hurrying to China to buy vaccines, and even snapping up supplies for people’s livelihoods have begun to appear on the Internet. In response, DPP spokesperson Xie Peifen said today (13) that the message was assessed as a part of the Chinese Communist Party’s cognitive warfare, using the tense moment of the epidemic to provoke the people’s sensitive nerves and thus undermine the people’s trust in the government.

The government’s decision to use the “China vaccine” to fight for the country’s economy was made in the past. (Combined picture / file photo)

The president of the Republic of Korea, Mr. Tsai Ing-wen, reminded yesterday that if you receive unconfirmed information on the internet, you must first “stop, watch and listen”, and do not pass it on directly without confirmation.

In response to the large number of fake messages circulating, Xie Pei Fen pointed out today that in the past few days when the epidemic in Taiwan was heating up, we noticed that a large number of statements began to appear on the Internet advocating universal screening and hurrying to China to buy vaccines. “After the setbacks in India and the U.S., the world started to turn to China for vaccines” and “Hurry up and order the Kexing vaccine for universal screening, it’s not too late” were evaluated as part of the cognitive warfare. In addition, false messages related to the epidemic, such as “grabbing supplies”, “footprints of infected people”, “the epidemic has broken out, how many counties and cities have been infected”, etc., also started to circulate on social media platforms. The first time I saw the film, I was able to see it.

The government’s decision to use the “epidemic” as a means to promote the development of the country’s economy is a major challenge. (Photo/Provided by the Democratic Progressive Party)

The government’s decision to use the “new” technology in the “new” market is a result of the fact that the “new” market is a “new” market. Once again, we remind everyone that when receiving any information, we must first remember to stop reading and listen to it, and everything is based on the information from the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Epidemic Prevention Command Center, including the press conference held at 2 p.m. every day by the Command Center and the social platform of the Epidemic Prevention Command Center, which have the correct information on the graphic card. If you receive unclear or uncertain information, please check with the Epidemic Prevention Command Center first, and you can also inquire with the public representatives and public officials in each area.

She also stressed that it is because of everyone’s unity and efforts to prevent the epidemic in the past year that Taiwan has become recognized as a model student in the world for epidemic prevention. As long as we wear good masks, wash our hands regularly, implement isolation, avoid moving in groups, and cooperate with the epidemic prevention command center’s epidemic prevention measures, we can definitely continue to protect Taiwan.