Wife of former president of Tianjin branch of Agricultural Bank reports husband’s embezzlement

Recently, a video was circulated on mainland social media platforms about the wife of retired president of the Tianjin branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, Zhang Renren, reporting her husband’s corruption and mistress. Zhang’s wife said that Zhang had kept a mistress for nearly 20 years, bought a building for her in Shenzhen, and helped her children find high paying jobs. The Voice of Hope reporter investigated and found that Zhang Update’s wife is suspected to have reported on Weibo last year, but there seems to be no progress.

In the video, an elderly woman wearing glasses reads out with written reporting materials. She claims to be the wife of retired president of the Tianjin branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, Zhang Update, who reported her husband’s corruption, transferring and hiding huge assets, and keeping a mistress in Shenzhen and other illegal and criminal facts.

The wife said that for 20 years, Zhang updated his mistress Zhang Houfang’s family to buy a house and land in Shenzhen, and repeatedly gave his mistress’s daughter and son-in-law high-salaried jobs, and used the state to give Zhang updated high cadre benefits to provide expensive drugs for Zhang Houfang’s family. Zhang also brought Zhang Houfang to Tianjin and placed her in a house provided by the Agricultural Bank, where she lived together illegally and told neighbors that Zhang Houfang was his daughter.

In the video, Zhang’s wife also said that for the convenience of travel, Zhang bought a car and drove it between Shenzhen and Tianjin. Every time Zhang updated back to Tianjin, he would go to the hospital to stay in the high cadre ward, enjoying the best free medical treatment to recuperate his overdrawn body. Zhang’s wife believes that people like Zhang do not deserve the high treatment given by the state, “his actions are unethical and have caused serious harm to his family. Therefore, I want to expose this hypocrite to the public. I hope to attract the attention of the relevant departments to investigate his illegal and disciplinary issues.

The Voice of Hope reporter searched the Internet and found that the mainland media did not report on the matter. It is suspected that Zhang’s wife posted on Weibo in 2020 to report Zhang’s mistress and other problems, and also released a related video, but the video is no longer available for viewing.

It is suspected that Zhang’s wife reported her husband’s mistress on Weibo (Photo source: Weibo screenshot)

Zhang’s wife also uploaded a number of photos of Zhang and Zhang Houfang, and asked the relevant departments to pay attention to and investigate the issue. The microblogging account, in addition to reporting the problem of Zhang update, did not send other content.