The New York Times: Biden is grumpy, ranting and likes to eat spaghetti with red sauce

The New York Times revealed on Friday that Biden has a short temper and sometimes swears at his aides, Breitbart News reported on May 14.

The New York Times report noted that Biden holds lengthy deliberative sessions and demands obsessive details from his advisers. When advisers got too technical or obscure about an issue, Biden responded with “outbursts of frustration, often interspersed with profanity.”

The report continues, “On policy issues, Mr. Biden, 78, takes days or weeks to decide because he second-guesses and second-guesses himself and others.

The report also shows that Biden will hang up on people who he believes are wasting his time.

Biden relies heavily on his inner circle in governing, chief of staff Ron Klain, deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed, senior adviser Mike Donilon and presidential adviser Steve Ricchetti.

The report notes that Biden is stalling and carefully weighing in on Putin’s tune, such as the appointment of an ambassador, and his recent flip-flopping on the refugee cap.

Other details in the New Times report include Biden’s preference for pasta with red sauce, vanilla chocolate chip ice cream and Special K cereal. His drink of choice is Orange Gatorade. Biden also reportedly “avoids alcohol,” while First Lady Jill Biden is considered a wine connoisseur.