Ten suggestions to take the road less traveled

  1. Buy an alarm clock to wake you up on time. Sleepiness and unpunctuality will be a stumbling block in your work and career at any time. Learn not only to be on time, but also to be ahead. Just like when you go somewhere by car, the scenery along the way is so beautiful that you can’t help but get out of the car to take a look, and later on, although you still arrive at a certain place, but not on time. The “alarm clock” is just a simple sign and hint, the real flexible and practical time, master in the heart of each person.
  2. If you do not like the current job, either quit or shut up. When you first start out, you often have low eyes and a high heart, and you can’t do big things, and you don’t want to do small things. Do not get into the habit of picking and choosing. Do not be annoyed with the umbrella on a rainy day, without an umbrella and fear of getting wet, everywhere show discontent. Remember, if you don’t do it, you have to do it well.
  3. Everyone has a lonely time. Learn to endure loneliness, so that you can mature. Young people are used to cheerful, playful, to an unfamiliar environment, the face of all kinds of people and things, suddenly overwhelmed up, sometimes even a place to talk to heart. At this time, don’t be impatient, learn to meditate and learn to endure loneliness. Think in solitude, mature in thinking, and sublimate in maturity. Don’t mess up because of loneliness, but to do boring and unhelpful things, wasting precious time.
  4. Be prepared for bad luck when you are lucky. One day, a fox walked outside a vineyard and saw the watery grapes salivating inside. But outside there is a fence blocking, can not enter. So it a ruthless hunger strike for three days, after losing weight, and finally into the vineyard to eat a meal. When he was satisfied and wanted to leave the vineyard, he found that he was too full and could not get into the fence. I don’t think anyone would want to be such a fox. The way back is equally important. Bring dry food when you are full, bring an umbrella when you are sunny, and accumulate little by little. Some things seem worthless today, but one day may be worth a hundred times more.
  5. Do not be as fragile as glass. Some people always have their eyes on themselves, so they can’t grow high enough to see far; always like to complain about God, but also make others incredibly bored. There is no bitter in the bitter, how to sweet in the sweet? Don’t be as fragile as glass, but as transparent as crystal, as brilliant as the sun, as strong as a wax plum. Since you open your eyes to enjoy the coolness of the wind, don’t complain about the tiny grains of sand in the wind.
  6. Keep your mouth shut. Do not talk about yourself, let alone about others. Talking about yourself will often be arrogant and hypocritical, and lose yourself in the name. Talking about others is often caught in a tangled mess of right and wrong. It is not a good thing to drink and chat with your colleagues and friends after work every day because, in the middle of it, you tend to talk about your colleagues and friends as a topic. Talking about people behind their backs is always bad, especially talking about other people’s shortcomings, which will lower your personality.
  7. Opportunity never “lost”, you lost, own others will get. Do not do everything in the sky, waiting for the rabbit, and do not hope that the “opportunity”. Opportunity is only relative to the well-prepared and good at creating opportunities for people. Perhaps, you are losing an opportunity for remorse, grumbling, when the opportunity is the same “unlucky ghost” across from you to seize. There is no opportunity, we must create opportunities, there is an opportunity, we must cleverly seize.
  8. If the phone always does not ring, you should call out. Many times, the phone will bring you unexpected gains, it is not a vase, just become a decoration. Make new friends, do not forget the old friends, friends more road better. One of the great tricks of socializing is to take the initiative. Good people good word of mouth, often help your career to a higher level.
  9. Never get married hastily because you have reached marriageable age. Want to get married, you have to find a partner who can complement your heart and soul. Do not fall in love because of indulgence and games, do not fall in love and affect the work and career, not to mention a hasty and failed marriage and life is hampered. Emotions often miss the mark for the sake of small things.
  10. write out what you want to do in your life, put the list in your wallet and take it out often. Life should have goals, plans, reminders, and a sense of urgency. One small goal after another strung together becomes the big goal of your life. Life is rich, the environment has improved, do not forget the seemingly thin sheet in your wallet.