A show of devastating force! Israel’s 160 warplanes fire 450 rounds in 40 minutes, pound Hamas tunnels

Israeli forces launched the heaviest air and ground assault on Gaza to date early on the 14th.

Israeli forces retaliate against Palestinian terrorists

Israel showed devastating force against Palestinian terrorists early Friday morning when it let go of the fight and pounded the network of tunnels leading from Gaza to Israel.

According to the Daily Mail, the IDF said it deployed 160 warplanes simultaneously to bombard the tunnel network of the Palestinian militant group Hamas for 40 minutes, firing 450 missiles at 150 targets in northern Gaza. Just after this heavy airstrike, Israeli forces fired some 500 additional artillery shells, as well as 50 tank shells.

As Palestinian terrorists launched a saturation attack, firing more than 1,700 rockets at Israel, the Israeli forces responded categorically. Fearing frantic retaliation from Hamas, Israel ordered its nationals living within miles of the Israeli-Palestinian border to take refuge in underground bunkers.

Although news broke earlier that Israeli forces had entered the Gaza corridor, Israel said it did not launch a ground invasion, but only fired artillery shells from the Israeli border zone.

In addition, residents of northern Gaza close to the Israeli front line also said they did not see Israeli ground forces entering the enclave, but there was heavy artillery fire, as well as a continuous air strike operation. Confusingly, however, the Israeli army tweeted on its official account Thursday night that IDF air and ground forces are currently launching attacks inside the Gaza corridor. And Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus also said that ground and air forces were launching attacks inside Gaza.

However, just two hours later, the Israeli army clarified that it had not entered the Gaza corridor as previously stated, and said that internal communication problems had caused distress.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated forcefully, “I said that we will make Hamas pay a very heavy price.” He added that relevant military operations would continue as long as necessary. Israel has mobilized 9,000 reserve troops just as Israeli forces deployed to the Gaza border.