A runner’s job for 10 years to steal 10 years to steal into a millionaire

As the saying goes, “It’s hard to prevent a thief in the family”. A man in a restaurant in Spain as a runner for nearly 10 years, and become the boss most trusted people. I did not expect that the man has been stealing the turnover of the restaurant for 10 years, and almost stole a millionaire. But “out of the mix will eventually have to return”. In the runner almost to steal a millionaire when the Spanish police handcuffed his hand into the restaurant cash register.

According to Spanish media reports, a Spanish 36-year-old man in the city of Denia, Alicante, Spain, a famous restaurant in the city as a runner, nearly 10 years of work history to become the boss’s most trusted people.

But I did not expect the most trusted person to be the most untrustworthy person.

The Spanish national police said the arrested man, 36, was a runner and supervisor of a famous restaurant in Denia, where he had been working for nearly 10 years. The runner had gained the trust of the owner and was in charge of the restaurant because he was rarely at the restaurant due to his long-term illness.

The restaurant began using a new computer system for sales collection in 2020. Five months after using the new system, the owner discovered that as much as 100,000 euros in cash was missing and called the police and opened an investigation.

The police found that the canteen was living a luxurious life that did not match his income, such as spending 1,500 euros on a pair of pants, 8,500 euros on a jacket, 750 euros on a pair of leather shoes, etc.

Not only that, the runner also bought a new house, but also traveled around the world, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, the United Arab Emirates, Paris, Argentina and Mexico have left his travel footprints.

The investigation report shows that the man gained the trust of his boss to become the sole supervisor. He embezzled the amount of business by manipulating the sales tickets in the computer system. When the restaurant closed for the weekend, the runner went to the restaurant alone to “work overtime” and proceeded to erase some business data from the computer, then embezzled the cash in a big way. …… He used this technique to steal a total of 84% of the money over the years. The amount of money stolen over the years amounted to 840,000 euros.

The runner was arrested and admitted to stealing 100,000 euros, and handed over 100,000 euros in cash, but the police, based on their investigation, believe that he stole at least 840,000 euros. The offender has now been arrested and referred to the court.