Chinese Communist Party to take advantage of the fire? Indian media: the price of oxygen machines provided soared, quality plummeted

The Chinese communist virus (COVID-19) continues to ravage India, and the local epidemic is still not under control. In a recent report, the Indian media accused the Chinese Communist Party of selling expensive oxygen machines to India, but the quality is not up to standard.

On May 14, India’s English-language weekly, India Today, published an article titled “Exclusive: After hiking prices, China now sending sub-standard oxygen concentrators to India” (Exclusive: After hiking prices, China now sending sub-standard oxygen concentrators to India). (Exclusive: After hiking prices, China now sending sub-standard oxygen concentrators to India), said that in the face of increasing demand, Chinese companies are not only indulging in price hikes, but also sending sub-standard quality equipment to India that is critical for treating pneumonia in the Communist Party.

According to the report, a review of documents and photographic evidence proves that CCP companies not only raise prices, but also modify the instructions and components of oxygen machines sold to India, which would compromise the quality and life cycle of the machines and could spell disaster for India.

The report cited that the prices of most products have increased in the past few weeks. For example, the price of oxygen machines manufactured by Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment Co., Ltd (Yuyue Medical) was $340 a unit on April 30, but as of May 12, the price per machine had risen to $460.

In addition, there are significant quality problems with the oxygen machines supplied by the Chinese Communist Party.

The newspaper quoted Indian buyers who are on the mainland as saying that they rejected many shipments after discovering that the parts used by the Chinese companies were replaced with cheap items that could seriously endanger the safety of people whose lives were already in danger.

“We are now buying much more expensive products that are half the quality and have only a few hundred hours of service life left instead of the thousands of hours originally.” This buyer said.

In response, Mukesh Aghi, president of the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), said the current health crisis has exposed the “fragility of the global supply chain” and why countries cannot rely on one country to produce life-saving medical equipment.

Mukesh Aghi said the sudden spike in demand for oxygen machines in India due to the intensification of the epidemic has pushed up prices significantly, coupled with shortages in the supply of key components, resulting in low quality products available to end consumers.

According to figures released by India’s Ministry of Health, on Friday (14), there were 343,144 new confirmed cases of CCA virus and 4,000 deaths in India. Since April 28, the death toll in India has exceeded 3,000 per day.