How long do Chinese people use a cell phone? The answer is here

A new report shows that the average smartphone upgrade cycle for Chinese consumers has risen. The average time to upgrade is now 25.3 months, up 0.7 months from last October.

According to a new report from China Mobile Terminal Lab, the replacement cycle for older smartphones has been extended again. However, it is worth noting that the upgrade cycle varies across the popular brands. In this regard, Apple has the most stable and highest upgrade cycle, with an average of about 27.1 months.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi users have the most frequent upgrade frequency, with an upgrade cycle of only 22.8 months. For other brands, Honor has a cycle of 26.4 months, OPPO 26.3 months, Huawei 25.6 months, Vivo 25.5 months and Samsung 24.5 months. The report adds that one of the main reasons for this growth is due to the fact that smartphone technology has continued to improve over time.

In other words, each device now offers a better experience than the models sold in the past, leading users to be satisfied with their current devices for a longer period of time. Another interesting finding is that both high-end and low-end phones have relatively long upgrade cycles of more than 26 months. On the other hand, the cycle for the mid-range and high-end segments is much shorter, averaging only about 21 months.