Los Angeles Lyft Chinese driver was robbed of his wallet at gunpoint and broke his nose

Paul Law (right), a 67-year-old Chinese Lyft driver, was robbed at gunpoint of his wallet and broke his nose by robbers. (Screenshot from video)

A Lyft driver from Taiwan in Los Angeles was beaten and robbed at gunpoint by a suspect when he came to a gas station to fill up and wash his car, and the whole incident was recorded very completely and clearly through video.

Video Source: Web Share

The crime took place just after 9 p.m. on May 10. The location was the ARCO gas station on Rosemead Blvd. in South El Monte. According to Christine, daughter-in-law of the victim Paul Lao, a man entered the cab from the back seat and demanded at gunpoint that Paul Lao, 67, hand over his wallet as he was pumping gas and washing his car.

FOX11’s shared video shows the armed suspect brandishing a gun as he talks to the victim. The suspect then grabbed Law Paul’s cell phone and cash. He had about $1,560 in his pocket at the time, according to the victim’s daughter-in-law.

After the suspects got the money, they also asked Law Paul to get out of the car and hand over the keys. Paul Law told him that the BMW (BMW) was keyless and could only be driven by him. The suspect was shocked and struck him in the face with the barrel of his gun and got out of the car. As a result, the victim suffered a broken nose.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), a few hours after the robbery, the victim went to the Temple City police substation (Temple City sheriff station) to report the incident and also gave the video tape to the agent. Law Paul said he was given the protection of the car recorder, but did not turn on the microphone recording because of the state law related to the regulations.

In the days following the robbery, the bruises on Paul Law’s face were still visible, and he said the pain from the incident kept him awake at night. The family has now set up a crowdfunding account (GoFundMe) for him.