Chongqing people set up a concern group to seek justice after being brutally injured by interceptors in Beijing

On Monday (May 10), Fu Shuqing and Zou Maoshu, a Chongqing petitioner from Changshou District, were intercepted in Beijing, beaten and injured on their way back to China, and then abandoned on the outskirts of Changshou District. Zou Maoshu was badly injured, but a good samaritan called the police and sent her to the hospital, but government officials have not taken any notice of her.

The good Samaritan who found Zou Maoshu is a visitor from Changshou District, Zhang Xiuhua, who was so disgusted by such a crime that she decided to set up a concern group, calling on the righteous to urge the authorities to apprehend the murderer as soon as possible and give justice to the victim and her family! In just one day, more than 150 people signed the petition.

The assailant injured a man and dumped him in the countryside

Zhang Xiuhua told reporters about the day they found Zou Maoshu, she said, the morning of May 12, she went out to set up a stall, after a suburban area, found a person lying on the side of the road, she then called the police, the police came to find Zou Maoshu, because she was seriously injured, the police said it may not work, they called the 120 ambulance, Zou Maoshu was sent to the third hospital in Changshou District after the police also left, no one has heard of it.

The company’s main business is to promote the development of the company’s products and services. This time Zou Maoshu was dragged to the woods in the mountains and dumped, and she crawled to the highway.”

Zhang Xiuhua said, “Now Zou Maoshu in the hospital, two days without food, government officials have not come to see her, this is the rule of law society?”

Zou Maoshu was injured by black security guards and left in a suburb of Changshou District. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

Black security guards throw words to show the government’s behavior

The company has been sent back to Chongqing by a black car, Fu Shuqing told reporters, “We were arranged in two cars from the Beijing High Jiachang black prison, there are five people in the car are government-employed black security guards, I asked to go to the toilet in the middle, they do not allow to go, black security guards with hands around my neck on my violent beating, back to Chongqing was abandoned in the suburbs of Changshou District. Before leaving a person said: identity cards, cell phones, wallets, go to the longevity district Yanjia peace office Zhang Wenbo to.”

Fu Shuqing said, “Because I was beaten and hurt all over the body, I was crawling with the crawl for about two hours to get to the Yanjia government, but they locked the door and did not let in. I went to the police, the police did not accept, so I was sent to the third hospital in Changshou District, where I learned that Zou Maoshu was also admitted to that hospital. I got a friend to borrow money to get the medicine.”

On May 10, Fu Shuqing went to the Fuyu Street post office to send a letter, was stopped by police to check ID cards and sent to the Fuyu Street police station, where he met Zou Maoshu. At 21:00 p.m. on May 11, they were kidnapped and put on black cars (Beijing Q31sw7 and Beijing NK9J88) and forced to return to Chongqing.

Fu Shuqing said, “Changshou District Public Security hired triad professional hitmen, injured me and Zou Maoshu, leaving a message: ID cards, cell phones, money to go to the director of the Yanjia Peace Office Zhang Wenbo.”

The police sent Fu Shuqing to the hospital and then left, she borrowed money from friends to buy medicine. (Courtesy of the interviewee)

Visitors injured by batterers, government ignores

When this reporter interviewed Fu Shuqing, she happened to be visiting Zou Maoshu at the third hospital in Changshou District, and she asked Zou Maoshu to personally explain what happened that day. Zou Maoshu said, “that day in Beijing high home field was taken to the car, I do not know how long, they restricted my personal freedom to make me unconscious, what happened next I do not know, they left me behind, woke up in the hospital resuscitation.”

Zou Maoshu said weakly, “Now the hospital wants me to pay the bill, and did not do the examination. My cell phone, ID card, and money are all withheld by them. No one is in charge over here.”

In the afternoon of May 14, the doctor finally to Zou Maoshu to do a checkup, the nurse pushed Zou Maoshu with a wheelchair, because two days without food, the nurse to help her stand up, can not stand up and fell to the ground.

The reporter called the Chongqing Changshou District Yanjia government secretary Zhang Tao’s cell phone, no hair connected.

The reporter repeatedly dialed the Chongqing Changshou District Yanjia government political and legal committee secretary Yang Pushun cell phone, voice prompts are on the call.

Zou Maoshu was seriously injured in the hospital for two days without food, can not stand fall to the ground. (provided by the interviewee)

“Beijing Gaojiachang Black Prison is a triad group”

Chongqing Nanan District Guiwenyuan was also repatriated in Beijing, only to return home on May 13, hearing what happened to Zou Maoshu, she said, “Zou Maoshu is also an unyielding defender of rights, long framed by their local suppression, jailed twice. It is because the public security has been obstructing us for a long time, so that our matter is not resolved, we have become their (officials) cash cow.”

Gui Wenyuan said, “Beijing Fengtai District Gaojiachang 46-3 is their nest (black prison), that institution is not listed, does not exist, is an institution to suppress the people organization, a triad society group.”

Long-term monitoring of visitors does not solve the problem
Xiao Chenglin, a petitioner in Beibei District, Chongqing, said, “I have been wronged for 26 years, the problem has not been solved, and Caijia Street has spent a lot of money to hire unidentified black security guards to guard me for a long time and restrict my personal freedom, which proves that corruption is very serious throughout the country.”

Xiao Chenglin also said, “In this society of the rule of law why are there so many unjust people all over the country? Because the TV, news media, newspapers, there is no department to speak to the people, to do things, so the public prosecutor and the law, etc. throughout the country, so the brutalization of injustice and the people unregulated, resulting in injustice throughout the country on the injustice of the people.”