Chengdu student falls to his death, netizens reveal more details of video fakery or involved in organ trading

Chengdu student’s watch was switched from left to right hand (Photo credit: video screenshot)

The Chengdu 49 middle school student’s fall is still fermenting. Since the official media released the so-called “surveillance video” of the student’s fall on May 13, netizens have analyzed the various suspicions in the video from different angles, and concluded that the Chinese Communist authorities had specifically found a double to fake the drama. After the official intervention, the body of the deceased was cremated quickly, and netizens analyzed that the Chinese Communist authorities may be suspected of live organ harvesting.

The video released by CCTV shows a boy walking in the hallway of a school building, with his back to the camera, without any other students or teachers in the building. His right foot does not seem to be normal and he walks with a slight abduction. The boy went down to the basement, wearing a mask, holding what appeared to be a pocket knife in his right hand and wearing a watch with a black strap in his left hand. He walked behind the control cabinet to sit down, at this point, still wearing the watch in his left hand. After he sat down, the video had switched the screen, and by this time, it was the right hand wearing the watch. He seems to have used a razor blade to cut back and forth on his left wrist, but it doesn’t seem to have cut or bled.

After a student at Chengdu 49 High School was tortured to death by the school authorities, and the destruction of the body and the video to conceal the crime led to public outrage, the Chinese Communist Party created a video of the deceased slitting his wrist to commit suicide.

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    Here are some of the video suspicions revealed by netizens posting.

“Chengdu 49 high school students suspected of being tortured to death by the school, destroy the body, destroy the video, conceal the crime, leading to public outrage after the Chinese Communist Party created a video of the deceased slitting his wrists to commit suicide, many people immediately found that the video posed by a double from multiple angles, none of which is a frontal image, and what’s more, actually in just a few seconds, the double’s watch changed from the left hand to the right hand !”

“There are obvious loopholes here: to the locker 2 position changed, the obvious video cut; the latter watch position in the right hand; the former did not wear glasses, the latter have.”

“When can monitoring walk? The level of fakery is too poor.”

“When can monitoring walk? The level of fakery is too bad. Where are the other students in the building? There are fewer crowd actors.”

“The words are slit wrists, how do not see blood, pretend to be a little more decent well.”

“When cutting the wrist, cut the left hand, the watch is in the way to the right hand is also possible, but may also directly take off not to wear, but the picture is not continuous.”

“Yes. How can a security camera follow a person moving to shoot? If a person is controlling the security camera, then see a student to cut their own veins, why would be familiar with it?”

“The cameras nowadays have a follow-me function, the problem is that in several different versions of the same video, some have the date in the upper left corner and some don’t.”

“Yes oh, walking over when the watch is worn on the left arm, after sitting down suddenly appeared on the right arm, the traces of counterfeiting is too obvious, these animals, not afraid that their children suffer retribution.”

“Multi-camera shooting, and wearing a mask, wearing a mask suicide is also not in line with common sense, why not find an actor to play a jump, slit the wrists also do not see blood, the more shots the darker. Not the first time to give the video must be a fake video, just like the case of Hong Kong’s Chen Yanlin students, even the interview with the mother can be faked, what else can not be fake.”

“I’m on a crude question with attitude: where is the positive face? There are so many security cameras, why only take a tricky angle of the muddle? Without a positive face as well as other character background, I just don’t believe it.”

“attempted suicide by slitting the wrist, the physical pain is enough to make people conscious, much less try to jump again, many of those who are awake after slitting their wrists will take the initiative to call for help, while to kill themselves why would they choose to go back to school 1 hour later to kill themselves? To the nearby TV Tower or Chunxi Road IFS Square a leap would not come more violent?”

Many netizens analyzed the Chinese Communist authorities quickly cremated the remains of the deceased, fearing that live organ harvesting was involved.

“It is very likely that this is a new case of live organ harvesting by the Chinese Communist Party. If it was not a live organ harvest, there is absolutely no need for the CCP to destroy the body and use such a huge propaganda machine to create falsehoods to calm the anger. I’m afraid this is the first time that the CCP has targeted high school students for live organ harvesting.”

“It is suspected that the children in 49th Form left DNA profiles to Big Data and that the children were randomly organ-harvested alive are possible.”

“Can use so many level so high department, I think a Chengdu 49 middle school principal, no this power!”

“The Chinese Communist Party quickly destroyed the body and sent out a huge propaganda machine to cover up the crime, very likely another case of live organ harvesting. It is possible that the student’s organs were paired with a family member of a CCP official and extreme measures had to be taken to cover it up. The Chinese Communist Party used to target live organ harvesting at college students, Falun Gong practitioners, and Uyghur civilians, but now it has gone further and extended the knife to high school students?!!!”

“If it was a suicide, why was the body cremated without the parents seeing it? Not even an autopsy before finalizing the case??”