Continental game anchor hotel hot water jug urination attitude arrogant aroused debate

Recently a mainland video game anchor urinated in an electric kettle during his hotel stay, and poured urine and saliva into the shampoo and body wash provided by the hotel, and also made a video of the process, causing an outcry among mainland netizens for his arrogant attitude.

The video was posted on a social media platform, revealing that when he checked into the hotel on May 13, he deliberately opened the electric kettle provided in the room and urinated in it, then poured the urine away. He then twisted open the shampoo and shower gel provided by the hotel bathroom and spit and urinated into it. The prankster also took a video of the process and broadcast it online through mainland social media platforms, saying, “Pee in the kettle and let the next guest drink it. No one knows anyway, it’s just so immoral!”

According to the report, although the owner of the electric kettle inside the urine dumped, but the hotel staff has a high chance of not noticing that the kettle has been contaminated and needs to be cleaned; at the same time the bathroom shampoo and body wash would have been colored, the next guest may not notice the difference even if careful attention and “trapped”.

The report did not mention the name of the game anchor, that once his identity is exposed, his career will be greatly affected, there have been inquiries to the live platform to which the subject belongs, but no progress has been made.

The netizens have denounced the man as having no sense of public decency and believe that the police should be called to deal with him; some have suggested that he should be blacklisted as a consumer and banned from airplanes, high speed trains and hotels to make him regret it.

But the platform has not yet responded to the matter.

Some netizens are angry about the incident, saying that “the network live platform should really manage the management”, and asked “what kind of people can do live? There is no standard?” They also criticized the webcast platform for promoting and facilitating “such vulgar behavior” and should be punished.

Under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, some people on the mainland are morally corrupt. In real life, such “malicious” and disgusting behavior occurs repeatedly, so much so that it is impossible to prevent.

The placement of sanitary napkins, socks, underwear and other items in hotel kettles on the mainland has also been repeatedly exposed. On August 20, 2019, a used sanitary napkin was placed in a kettle at a five-star hotel in Nanning, Guangxi. After the incident, the 23-year-old female tenant involved admitted her actions to the police.

This type of vulgar and unethical behavior. Not only does it infringe on the physical and mental health of the victim, but it also destroys trust between people, and many people have to bring their own kettles and toiletries, and even their own bedding when they travel.