Guangxi large bus and heavy truck collision resulting in 3 dead and 13 injured

May 13, Guangxi Guilin City, a fatal car accident, a large bus collided with a heavy truck, resulting in the death of three people, 13 people were injured.

The Public Security Bureau of Pingle County, Guilin City, Guangxi, issued a notice on May 13 that at 12:00 noon on the same day, a large bus collided with a heavy truck in Longbei Mountain Village, Tongan Town, Pingle County, on National Highway 241, resulting in three deaths and 13 people were injured.

According to the Internet video, the car body printed with the words “Guilin Junda Transport Co.

Netizens said: “The body damage looks so serious.” “Bus and truck, very serious traffic accident now.” “It’s really a very serious traffic accident.”

Another netizen expressed concern about the passengers on the bus: “Is this kind of bus usually a car that goes to work in Guangdong? It’s really hard to think about, if so, this is the backbone of the family, so then the family is not collapsed.”

There are also netizens said, “That said, this is the second time recently Guilin more serious car accident, the last bus was cut off the top is also, I hope the local transport industry attaches great importance to the problem of self-examination and self-correction, do not happen again such a tragedy.”

It is reported that on the evening of last month 17, Guangxi Guilin City, Xiangshan District, a tourist bus hit the upper elevation, resulting in the death of one person, six people were injured.