The mainland reproduces the “Cultural Revolution faithful word dance” Mao left commemorating the Cultural Revolution was criticized

On the occasion of the centennial of the Communist Party of China (CPC), traces of the Cultural Revolution are reappearing on the mainland, with “loyalty dances” and “model plays” appearing in people’s lives and being touted as “fashionable culture” by the CPC, and ultra-leftist institutions planning high-profile The far-left institutions plan to commemorate the Cultural Revolution in a high-profile manner. The Chinese Communist Party is attempting to whitewash the history of the Cultural Revolution, but no one inside or outside the Party will ever really go back to the Cultural Revolution era, the Communist Party has only created a group of corrupt people who “show their loyalty” for 100 years.

Recently, a mainlander tweeted a video showing some young people dressed as “Red Guards” of the Cultural Revolution doing the “loyalty dance” on a bus. Another photo shows students in front of the Jinzi Temple in a queue dressed as the “Eighth Route Army”. A netizen left a message saying, “I live in a small town with a national red attractions, see this body every day.”

On May 13, another netizen tweeted a video of a fitness center on the mainland, where fitness exercise people switched to dancing the word “loyalty” on the spot, and also the phenomenon of dancing the word “loyalty” on the running train.

A day earlier, well-known mainland journalist Gao Yu nearly disclosed via Twitter that some far-left organizations on the mainland were preparing to commemorate the Cultural Revolution on May 16.

A video of the Communist Party’s royal literary figure Kong Qingdong during May 1 this year shows him repeating his 2012 “Mao Zedong touting” remarks, while touting “model operas. Gao Yu said, “The same seat catered to the online scolding.”

Veteran media personnel: the Chinese Communist Party’s century-long attempt to whitewash the Cultural Revolution will eventually fail

In response to Kong Qingdong’s statement, the mainland’s senior media person Jinjinqiu said, suggesting that people like Kong Qingdong directly immigrate to North Korea is more appropriate. He said, “The prototypes and stories of the model play are all fabricated, fundamentally against history, promoting hatred, not art in itself, poisoning the people, creating evil, and he has no basis at all for Chinese society.”

In an interview with the Epoch Times, Jinqiu said he was skeptical that such a large-scale event (commemorating the Cultural Revolution) could be carried out. He said, “Many people inside the Party and outside the Party will definitely be disgusted by this. Many people think that now it is like the Cultural Revolution, in fact, there is a great denial of the Cultural Revolution, and now there are some people who do not understand the Cultural Revolution and are still there to make a blind noise, but I think as the top level, they certainly do not want the domestic intellectual circles or foreign public opinion to see him as a remnant of the Cultural Revolution, as the phenomenon of the poison of the Cultural Revolution to appear.”

In addition, from the people’s point of view, Huang Jinqiu said, “Although now out of the need to maintain the rule, creating public opinion, fooling the people, the general public, students they will dance the loyalty dance, not to eulogize the Cultural Revolution, singing praises for the Cultural Revolution, the restoration of the Cultural Revolution, which is not a realistic thing.”

This year, the latest version of the “Brief History of the Communist Party of China” has been studied in high profile around the mainland, and major changes have been made to the Cultural Revolution – the content of the Cultural Revolution is no longer a separate chapter, and the causes and the passage of the Cultural Revolution have been revised. In addition, the “serious mistakes” of Mao Zedong during the Cultural Revolution have disappeared.

Huang Jinqiu said that Bo Xilai, a fallen official of the Communist Party of China, once “sang red and fought black” in Chongqing, when the mainland’s far-left website “Wu You Zhi Xiang” touted Bo Xilai in a high profile, and then Hu Jintao shut down “Wu You Zhi Xiang “But “because the negation and liquidation of the Cultural Revolution is not complete, it has led to many remnants of the Cultural Revolution and young ignorant pinkos who do not know history, thinking that the past is better, and that the present policies and references are also pushing the wave, downplaying the sins of the Cultural Revolution, and they take the occasion of the centennial to overturn history and whitewash the Cultural Revolution, making it look less ugly. look less ugly.”

The Communist Party’s centennial “loyalty” is an unspoken rule in official circles

In response to the Communist Party’s promotion of the “loyalty dance” and the public’s “praise” of the Communist Party, Huang Jinqiu said that the Communist Party’s officialdom does not care about competence, but must “show loyalty”. “The General Assembly will sing the praises of virtue, all kinds of praise.” And such people are mostly corrupt.

Huang Jinqiu said, “Chinese Communist Party officials prefer left to right, the higher the tune, where such a high tone singing, are basically corrupt officials, are corrupt people, because this kind of people do some bad things after their own faint heart, afraid of being investigated and punished, so to show how left, how loyal, how firm.”

He revealed that in the officialdom of the Communist Party, “everything is dominated by the propaganda department, as an ordinary official, you have any opinion you can not mention, you can not say. You mention the central government, you will be said to be delusional central; mention the local, that you are against the local leadership; you whine, that your work attitude is not correct. In the end you can neither speak nor do anything, the only thing you can do is to be corrupt.”

Huang Jinqiu said that the current situation of the CPC is that officials “have nothing to do, privately engage in a small circle, worship each other, entertainment, power and money transactions, power and sex transactions”; while the touted senior management only recognize their own cronies, factions, to cover up, “even if you are bad, you just backstage hard enough, at least you will not fall.”

He took the former Hebei Provincial Party Secretary Cheng Weigao as an example to disclose that when Cheng Weigao went back home to Changzhou, Jiangsu, officials bribed ten trucks of belongings, and those in the know said there were one billion dollars, and people in the Political and Legal Committee knew about it. Cheng Weigao was eventually only expelled from the Communist Party in 2003, was withdrawn from full provincial treatment, but still enjoys deputy provincial treatment.

“The government’s officialdom is often the unspoken rule,” said Huang Jinqiu, “it doesn’t matter if you are corrupt, as long as you are loyal, they are not elected, or the balance between factions, behind each official there is a line, for example, you are the mayor, you must correspond to which governor, or which secretary The government has a backer behind you at least. The provincial party secretary also has a backer behind him, each have their own backers, each other are very polite, officials protect each other, once the conflict occurs, you bite me to bite you when the last than whose backer is bigger.”

Earlier in mid-April, Mr. Huang, a mainland Internet writer who has studied the history of the Chinese Communist Party, told the Epoch Times that what the Chinese Communist Party has brought to mankind for 100 years is a negative textbook, which is made of countless white bones and blood, and the suffering and bloodshed created by the Chinese Communist Party are too numerous to be written.

Mr. Huang said that those few people in the Standing Committee of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China do not believe in those perverse ideas of communism. The officials save the money seized at home to the old capitalist countries such as the United States, Switzerland and Britain. They send all their relatives, children and grandchildren to these countries, become naked officials themselves, use their privileges to abuse the common people at home, and corruptly gain illegal benefits. The regime is getting more and more bastardized, rogue and roguish, and finally “it can only run wildly into the abyss and accelerate the demise of the Communist Party”.