Chinese Communist Party Media Propaganda “No Need to Panic” Over Population Collapse U.S. Media Analysis

Breitbart News reported on May 13 that on Tuesday, the Global Times, the Communist Party’s official media, tried to downplay the results of the seventh national census, which found that China’s birth rate had plummeted to its lowest level in 50 years, that the huge country was facing a devastating demographic crisis, and that its pensions were already feeling the pinch of a shortage of young workers.

But the Global Times, the Communist Party’s official media, dismisses the census results as trivial, suggesting that “some adjustments to China’s population policy” would solve the problem, such as providing incentives to “encourage births across the board.

The problem with this argument, Breitbart News notes, is that industrialized countries are finding that reversing long-term population decline through lollipop incentives like enhanced child care benefits is not a path that will work.

The Global Times also does not allow criticism of China’s brutal decades-old one-child policy, saying instead that Western analysts are “singing China’s praises” by warning about the consequences of its population decline.