India to cure the new crown again outbreak of a rare disease that kills up to 50% of patients to remove the eyeball to save their lives

In India, there is a rare mucormycosis (mucormycosis) with a death rate of 50%, and doctors speculate that it may be caused by the use of steroid drugs to treat mucormycosis.

India’s new crown epidemic is serious, but recently there are new crown patients suffering from rare white mold disease (mucormycosis), doctors speculate that may be the use of steroid drugs to treat the new crown caused by white mold disease death rate of up to 50%, the main symptoms include blurred vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties, coughing up blood, etc., in serious cases, doctors even have to remove the patient’s eyes to save his life.

Comprehensive Reuters, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that the recent emergence of new patients with white mold disease in hospitals across India, the Indian Council of Medical Research (Indian Council of Medical Research, ICMR) over the weekend instructed doctors caring for patients with new crowns, diabetes, immune system weakness, should pay special attention to whether patients appear Early symptoms of leukomycosis, including sinus pain, blockage of half of the nasal passages on the face, migraine, swelling or numbness, toothache, and loose teeth.

White mold is a very rare infection, mainly caused by contact with white mold, which is commonly found in soil, plants, feces, rotting fruits and vegetables, and even in the nose and mucus of healthy people, but it is quite rare to cause an infection.

Once infected, the infection will affect the sinuses, brain, lungs, resulting in black or discolored nose, blurred vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties, coughing up blood, etc. Patients with diabetes, or cancer, AIDS and other patients with a severely compromised immune system may even face a threat to life, with a mortality rate of up to 50%.

Doctors speculate that this wave of new coronary patients in India with leukomycosis may be caused by the use of steroids such as dexamethasone (Dexamethasone), which is mainly used to treat patients with severe new coronary disease, leukomycosis was highly correlated with diabetes, diabetic patients suffering from new coronary pneumonia may be aggravated by the use of steroid medication.

The newspaper pointed out that steroid drugs can reduce the symptoms of infection in the lungs of the new crown virus, and seems to stop the immune system in the fight against the new crown caused by over-operation, but at the same time, this drug will also reduce the immunity of patients, enhance blood sugar concentration, scientists believe that the decline in the immunity of patients may have triggered the white mold infection.

In fact, before the outbreak of the new crown, India has white mold disease cases, and more than other countries, Fortis Hospital in Mumbai (Fortis Hospital) in the past 2 weeks has treated at least 10 cases, the number is the epidemic before the whole year two times, all patients have a history of diabetes, or have used immunosuppressive drugs, some patients unfortunately died, some patients blind.

Akshay Nair, an ophthalmologist in Mumbai, said he treated a 25-year-old patient recovering from leukoplakia who had to have her eyes removed to “save her life” after the medical team removed infected tissue from the woman’s nasal cavity.

Patients need to have their eyes removed to save their lives, usually because they are too late for treatment and have already lost their sight.

White mold disease does not only occur in India, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Austria, Brazil, Mexico and other cases, but the number of cases in India is more, the British Manchester University Professor Denning (David Denning) pointed out that one of the reasons may be that India has many diabetic patients.

The Indian government did not announce the number of cases of white mold disease, stressing that there is no major outbreak of the situation, the Indian Medical Research Council experts Mukherjee (Aparna Mukherjee) said that there is no need for special concern, only need to pay attention to when the consultation.