Will China and Russia establish a military alliance? Putin makes a good point, and the Chinese response is intriguing

In recent years, the “Sino-Russian military alliance” has been a topic of concern to the people of the two countries and even to the international community. Many people in China hope that China and Russia can form a military alliance to jointly confront the pressing demands of the U.S. global hegemony system. However, many mainstream scholars in Russia believe that China and Russia currently do not have the basis for a military alliance. But as to whether China and Russia will establish a military alliance, Putin said clearly when he took part in the Valdai International Debate Club meeting that China and Russia do not rule out the possibility of forming a military alliance in theory, which quickly rushed to the hot search.

Speaking about China-Russia relations, Putin said that while there is no current need for a military alliance between Russia and China, there is a theoretical possibility of establishing one, according to Russian satellite news agency RIA Novosti. Putin also explained that Russia and China regularly conduct joint maritime and land exercises and that military cooperation between Russia and China has reached a high level of interaction, which helps to strengthen the defense of both militaries. Some netizens said that Putin said very reasonable, and expressed two layers of meaning, one is the Sino-Russian diplomatic relations have now reached a high level of interaction; two is the two countries there is the possibility of establishing a military alliance. However, even though Putin “left three points on the table”, it still attracted the high attention of the media and scholars. American scholars have pointed out that Washington is on the verge of making a critical mistake on foreign policy issues, namely “incurring the wrath” of both China and Russia, the two major powers.

According to U.S. scholars, Washington’s bilateral relations with Moscow and Beijing have reached “alarm levels” in the past year or so. Previously, U.S.-Russian relations have been marked by friction over Syria, Iran and arms control negotiations. This year, the U.S. and Russian soldiers in Syria even erupted in a direct head-on clash. The Pentagon not only in Russia’s strategic hinterland in the Barents Sea, restarted has stopped 30 years of “freedom cruise” activities, but also to mobilize strategic bombers to Europe, and even a simulation of Moscow to carry out nuclear strikes, which is extremely rare in the Cold War period. In its relations with China, Washington’s relationship with Beijing has become markedly more urgent. U.S. positions on a range of issues are increasingly annoying China, and the White House’s actions are particularly irritating on issues such as the South China Sea and Taiwan Sea.

From the perspective of U.S. national interests, the continued deterioration of U.S. relations with China and Russia, far from being “somewhat troubling,” disrupts the strategic balance of the great powers and isolates the United States. From an objective point of view, the United States has a great strategic advantage over both Russia and China, but putting pressure on both powers at the same time will only push China and Russia closer together and make them more united in countering U.S. pressure. The United States should take steps to ensure that Washington stays cooperative with either Moscow or Beijing, rather than antagonizing both world powers at the same time. Although Russia and China have yet to form a military alliance, Putin is seeking to stay closer to China against a backdrop of sustained Western pressure on Moscow to show that he has economic and strategic options and is not completely isolated on the global stage. Beijing has also repeatedly stated that “Sino-Russian relations are at their best ever”, indicating that both Russia and China want to build closer diplomatic and military ties to prevent Washington from “cracking down on each other”.

The Chinese response to the question of whether China and Russia would establish a military alliance was also intriguing. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, “There is no end to the promotion of traditional friendship between China and Russia, and there is no forbidden zone for the expansion of cooperation”. Russian military experts say that although the Russian-Chinese military alliance is not on the agenda at the moment, it will become possible if the situation becomes increasingly negative. Observers note that Western countries, including the United States, are showing a less than friendly attitude towards Moscow and Beijing, and in this context, Russia and China will continue to get closer. At present, the US military continues to draw regional allies on both sides of the Eurasian continent to hold large-scale joint military exercises and even conduct intensive proximity reconnaissance and military provocations in a naked show of force and the creation of regional tensions, which Russia and China see in their eyes and take to heart, and they seem to be planning to reciprocate in the same way. In fact, regardless of whether China and Russia will establish a military alliance or not, as long as the two sides continue to deepen their strategic cooperation, it will be beneficial and great for world peace and stability!