China and Russia’s official stance loosens up for the first time as the topic of China-Russia alliance turns sour

The Sino-Russian military alliance has always been a topic of enduring interest in international public opinion, not only within China and Russia, but also in the United States, the West and the rest of the world. Against the backdrop of mounting economic, political and security threats from the United States against China and Russia, and the increasing noise of various “break-up talks”, the world has become even more concerned about this topic. The Russian and Chinese foreign ministers, foreign ministry spokesmen, as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin, have all been asked this question, but prior to that, all official responses to this matter, including Putin’s and the Chinese foreign minister’s own responses, are very direct, clear and straightforward, China-Russia alliance is not necessary, China-Russia partnership is not alliance.

But the latest on the topic of the China-Russia alliance was given by Putin and the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman. Putin recently stated at the annual meeting of the Valdai International Debating Club that “there is a theoretical possibility of a military alliance between China and Russia.” At the Chinese Foreign Ministry press conference the following day, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman also said in response to this issue that “there are no restricted areas for China-Russia to expand cooperation”.

Although the above-mentioned statements of China and Russia are very vague and ambiguous, and both sides did not give a clear affirmative answer, but this is the largest change in the official response on the topic of alliance between China and Russia, the only time so far “do not rule out the possibility” of a response.

(China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman also said the day after Putin’s new statement that “there are no no-go zones for China-Russia cooperation,” the most positive statement so far on the topic of alliances at the official Russian-Chinese level)

First, the need for a Russian-Chinese alliance

Both China and Russia are recognized as major powers in the world, and both are at odds with the West, led by the United States. Although there are great differences between China and Russia in many issues of national development, China and Russia are in the same position when it comes to “bullying”. The West, led by the United States, has never stopped “bullying” China and Russia at any time and on any issue. Especially in recent years, China and Russia have become the primary targets of the United States and the entire Western bloc, marked by the U.S. strategy of great power competition.

In the face of the United States of America’s constant threats, China and Russia, fighting on their own, will inevitably be broken by the United States one by one, the only way to win is to report to the group for warmth.

(The biggest idea of the US anti-China think-tank right now is to divide and disintegrate China and Russia, each of them breaking down and bringing Russia together against China first, which is what the already-out Bolton is sticking to)

Second, will a Sino-Russian alliance, especially a military one, lead to a new Cold War?

This issue is of the utmost concern to the people of all countries of the world, including the Russian and Chinese publics, on the subject of the Russian-Chinese alliance, the large-scale confrontation that resulted from the cold war of the last century, which is still very much on the minds of the peoples of all countries of the world, and the Russian and Chinese publics and the publics of all countries of the world are very much concerned about the recurrence of such a confrontation. China and Russia have been very cautious about this issue for this reason as well.

In this way, will the Sino-Russian alliance lead to a new Cold War that or not? Absolutely not.

(Pompeo, the U.S. anti-China spearhead, and Trump are both pushing the strategy of United Russia and China, a strategy that is in fact completely correct for the U.S. and will probably be continued by the U.S. in the future, while it will definitely be a question of whether Russia, after Putin, will fall to the U.S.)

A slap on the wrist is not enough, the reason for the Cold War in the last century is the root cause of the offensive foreign policy of the United States and the Soviet Union, both countries are fully responsible for the Cold War. The purpose of the Sino-Russian alliance, however, is very different from the Cold War, as the purpose of the Sino-Russian alliance was solely for defense, against the bullying, economic, military and political hegemony of the United States in conjunction with the entire Western bloc. China and Russia also don’t want more countries to obey them, as the former Soviet Union did; all China and Russia want is more mutually respectful partners.

By analogy, as long as China and Russia do not pursue the same offensive foreign policy as they did in the former Soviet Union, even if the United States wants to start a new Cold War, it will not be able to pick up a huge group of countries because there is no common substantive threat and no rival.

(The problems between the US and China in recent years are in no way caused by Trump’s personal character, the Democrats and Biden will only get tougher and more sinister towards China if elected, China and Russia need to hug it out)

Moreover, military security is naturally an important element of the China-Russia alliance, but it is by no means the whole story, and it is the economy that is the top priority. Both the Chinese and Russian governments are currently working on the economy, and jointly upholding international trade and economic rules and resisting the US dollar hegemony will certainly be the top priority of the China-Russia alliance.

Using the China-Russia alliance as a basis, along with some neighboring countries, to form an integration organization like the European Union is actually in the best long-term interests of China and Russia.

For the first time, the official stance of China and Russia has loosened, and the topic of China-Russia alliance has changed
(The European powers have the European Union, the United States has NAFTA, but China and Russia are the only ones without an economic and trade base; if the Sino-Russian alliance can be expanded to include some friendly countries in the vicinity, it will be absolutely beneficial to the Russian and Chinese economies, and a Sino-Russian version of the European Union will greatly enhance the ability of the Russian and Chinese economies to withstand external risks.)

Therefore, from the point of view of the current international situation, especially the policy of the United States, the Sino-Russian alliance is in fact necessary. For the national development of China and Russia, the advantages of the alliance at this time outweigh the disadvantages, and the recent simultaneous loosening of Chinese and Russian official positions on this issue is also reasonable and necessary.

However, this official loosening of positions alone cannot fully draw the conclusion that China and Russia have changed their attitudes, it is still necessary to continue to observe. Further official statements on this issue from China and Russia will be crucial, and only if the Russian-Chinese alliance is put on the agenda will it be possible for the Russian-Chinese alliance to be put on the agenda if the Russian-Chinese relationship on this issue continues to be as loose as this one, or even more so.