Poets teach you fancy stress reduction

Life in the world, there will always be a variety of pressure, to learn from the ancients how to make themselves happier!

[The first move to reduce stress]

Go out and play

I was drunk all day long, but suddenly I heard that I had to climb a mountain at the end of spring.

Because I met the monks in the bamboo courtyard, I was able to steal half a day of leisure.

–Li Shibu, “The Monk’s House in Heslin Temple

For a long time, Li Shibu had been in the midst of a chaotic and drunken dream, feeling that he was wasting the limited time of his life for no reason.

One day, he suddenly realized that spring was about to pass, so he got up his spirit and went up to the South Mountain to enjoy the scenery.

As a result, while visiting a monastery, he inadvertently met a senior monk. He chatted with the monk for a long time and felt that it was really rare to get a moment of leisure in this troubled world.

[The second trick to reduce stress]

Singing to the wine

Life must be happy, don’t make the golden bottle empty to the moon.

I was born to be useful, a thousand gold scattered and come back.

Cook sheep and slaughter cattle and for the pleasure, will have to drink a 300 cups.

Cen Fuzi, Dan Qiusheng, will enter the wine, the cup must not stop.

–Li Bai, “The Wine of the General

In the early year of Tianbao of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty, Li Bai was recommended by others to serve in Hanlin. Soon after, Li Bai was ostracized from the capital due to the slanderous regret of the powerful nobles.

After that, Li Bai stayed in the area of Jianghuai and Huai, and was extremely bored, so he went on a long journey to travel the mountains and rivers of his country.

At this time, Li Bai and his friend Cen Fuzi were invited to the mountain residence of another friend, Dan Qiusheng, in Mt.

The third trick to reduce stress

The heart is quiet and naturally cool

The hut is in the human realm, and there is no noise of horses and cars.

Ask the gentleman what can be, the heart is far away from the ground.

Picking chrysanthemums under the eastern hedge, leisurely see the South Mountain.

The mountain air is good in the evening, the flying birds return with each other.

There is a true meaning in this, which I forgot to say.

–Tao Yuanming’s “Drinking Wine” (5)

In 416 A.D., Liu Yu took control of the court through the Northern Expedition. Tao Yuanming was always sullen and unhappy. He had long seen that the vitality of the Eastern Jin Dynasty was over, and Liu Yu was only going to usurp the throne sooner or later, so he was sad and depressed about it all day long.

He also thought that everything is developing and changing, and the rise and fall of honor and disgrace are constantly changing. This is true for a large country and a small family.

It is useless to worry about these things. Life in this world is like a flash of lightning, which is fleeting, so we should spend it in an open and relaxed manner without worries.

So, I wrote “Twenty Songs of Drinking Wine”, which is the fifth of them, living in the human world and not hearing the hustle and bustle of cars and horses.

[The fourth trick to reduce stress]

Learn to put down and enjoy

Spring has a hundred flowers and autumn has the moon, summer has a cool breeze and winter has snow.

If there are no idle matters on your mind, it is a good time on earth.

–Zen Master Huikai, “No Gate Pass

The ordinary mind means that what is in front of us is the manifestation of our true heart, that the truth is in the present moment, and that there is no need to search for it in distant places. This was first proposed by Mazu Daoyi.

Zen Master Hui Kai said that if there are no idle matters hanging over one’s mind, the different weather in each of the four seasons of the year has its own merits, and it is all a game of the Buddha nature in its many variations, and the enlightened one just laughs at it and enjoys it.

This is true for everything.

[The fifth move to reduce stress]

Read a book

A half-acre pond is open, the sky and clouds wandering together.

Ask the canal where to get clear as Xu, for there is a source of living water to.

–Zhu Xi, “watching the book with a feeling

Qing Yuan two years, in order to avoid the scourge of powerful ministers, Zhu Xi and his friends came to the new city of Fushan Wuyi Hall lecture.

During this period, Zhu Xi read a large number of books and calligraphy works.

One day, he unfolded a side of calligraphy, saw the white space on the paper and calligraphy lines to reflect the interest, flying vivid.

He thought to himself, “How can this calligraphy be so fresh and timeless? It was the constant flow of artistic inspiration within the writer.

So I wrote this song, “Reflections on Calligraphy”.

Sixth Stress Reduction Technique

Be calm in the face

Don’t listen to the sound of beating leaves in the forest, why not whistle and walk slowly?

Who is afraid of the lightness of the bamboo staff and shoes?

A straw rain and smoke to live.

The spring breeze blows the wine awake, it is slightly cold.

But the slanting light on the hill welcomes you.

I look back at the place where I used to be, and go back.

There is no storm and no sunshine.

–Su Shi, “Ding Feng Bo

In the spring of the fifth year of Yuanfeng, Su Shi was relegated to Huangzhou because he opposed Wang Anshi’s change of law.

During this period, he and his friend went out on a spring trip, and the rain and wind suddenly arrived, so his friend was deeply distressed, but Su Shi did not care at all and took it in his stride.

He thought that if the rain and sunshine in nature are normal and make no difference, then what is the political storm, honor and disgrace in social life?

The seventh trick to reduce stress

Find a friend to talk to

The old man has a chicken and millet, invited me to the field house.

The trees are close to the village, and the green hills are outside the country.

I’ll open the door to the field and talk about it with wine.

On the day of the reigning sun, I will come back to enjoy the chrysanthemum.

–Meng Haoran, “Passing by the Old Man’s Villa

Meng Haoran wrote this poem in his early years when he was living in seclusion in Lumen Mountain and was invited by a friend to a farmhouse.

The setting of the farmhouse, surrounded by green trees and green hills, is like a light ink painting.

The old man was drinking and talking about the farming of mulberry and hemp, facing the field outside the window.

The host’s hospitality comes from the sincere, not only to this happy narrative as a rare, but also promised guests to come back to the next year’s Chrysanthemum Festival, by then the hedge chrysanthemum has been blooming, and another appreciation of the interest of the heart.

It was in such a world that the poet, who once lamented, “Who is false when on the road, and who is scarce in the world,” not only forgot the setbacks he encountered in his political pursuit, but also forgot his lonely and depressed feelings in his seclusion. He not only forgot the setbacks in his political pursuit, but also left behind the lonely and depressed mood in his seclusion.

The eighth trick to reduce stress

Eat something

Luofu Mountain, four seasons of spring, Lu oranges and plums in the new.

The day bite lychee 300, do not resign to long as a Lingnan people.

–Su Shi “Huizhou a great

During the Song Dynasty, the area around Lingnan and Guangdong was a barbaric place, and many of the sinful ministers were exiled to this place.

When the exiles came here, they often sighed and lamented a lot, but not Dongpo.

Here, Mr. Dongpo lingered in the landscape, the landscape, the Lingnan produced a deep love, even in the Lingnan area is very common lychee are obsessed with love.

“eat lychee three hundred, do not resign long as Lingnan people”, Mr. Dongpo in praise of Lingnan scenery, will be full of bitter water sung into a sweet hymn.