Vaccination rate of 60% Cecil outbreak is still heating up experts: Chinese vaccine can not achieve herd immunity

The island nation of Seychelles, located in the Indian Ocean waters of eastern Africa and with a population of just over 100,000, has already had 60% of its population vaccinated against Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19), with nearly 60% of the population receiving the Chinese national vaccine, but the recent resurgence of the epidemic in Seychelles has raised questions among local residents about the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine.

According to the New York Times Chinese website, the vaccination program was launched in January this year, and the local vaccination rate reached 60%, of which 57% of the population received the Chinese national vaccine and 43% received the Indian-made AstraZeneca vaccine. On the 9th day, 317 new cases were confirmed, which is a new record for a single day.

The resurgence of the outbreak in Cecil has raised questions about the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine, and Australian pediatrician Kim Mulholland said, “On the face of it, this is a shocking result,” according to preliminary reports from Cecil, which show that the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine The effectiveness rate is 50 percent, not the 78.1 percent claimed by GMP.

This is bad news for the 56 other countries that are counting on the Chinese vaccine to help them contain their pandemics, with some scientists arguing that the Chinese vaccine will not achieve herd immunity, and John Moore, a vaccine expert at Cornell University, saying that governments using the Chinese vaccine “have to assume John Moore, a vaccine expert at Cornell University, said that governments using Chinese vaccines “must assume a fairly high failure rate and plan accordingly.

A 27-year-old waitress, who received a second dose of the Sinopharm vaccine in February but was diagnosed on May 10, questioned the government “why they are pushing all the people to get the Sinopharm vaccine?” Others also believe the government did not provide enough information to the public about the vaccine and that many people were in fact infected.

Local health officials have encouraged those who received only one dose of the national vaccine to return for a second dose, but people say the government’s health commissioner has not explained why the vaccine is not working as it should, saying outright that many people will not return for a second dose.