Alibaba exploded a tide of departures, many top executives jumped ship

Another Alibaba executive left the company on the 12th. It was rumored on the 12th that Fan Chi, a former Alibaba vice president who was the CEO of Alipay and Koubei, left the company on the 1st, especially when he took over Ali Entertainment in June last year, specializing in OTT (online video streaming) and sports business.

According to Chinese media reports, Fan Chi has served in Alibaba Group for nearly 11 years, once responsible for Alipay, Koubei and other businesses, until June last year to join Ali Entertainment, but 12 Chinese media released the news that Fan Chi has left the post on the 1st, serving less than a year.

It is reported that Ali Music director Gao Xiaosong announced in March that he was stepping down, ending his six-year-long senior-level stint in the large entertainment system. In the same month, Ant Group CEO Hu Xiaoming announced his resignation and resigned from a number of his companies, while Ali Cultural Entertainment Youku vice president Zheng Wei also left in April.

The news has caused a lot of discussion among Chinese netizens, many of whom said, “Dawen Entertainment is a black hole of Ali, sucking away many executives and small soldiers” and “Is the tree going to fall?” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.