The bribery was reported hospital director actually developed a female discipline inspection secretary into a lover

After being reported, a hospital president in Jilin developed a female discipline inspection secretary into a lover!

On December 26, 2017, Zhao Jinyu, the former president of the Fourth People’s Hospital in Siping City, Jilin Province, was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison by the Gongzhuling Municipal Court in the first instance for taking 2.72 million bribes and offering more than 240,000 yuan in bribes.

The reporter noted that Zhao Jin Yu had a lover named Li Yunxin. The information shows that as the secretary of the discipline inspection committee, Li Yunxin, is Zhao Jinyu’s superior leadership, but also, or his bribe object. But there is no public report of Li Yunxin’s verdict yet.

And Zhao Jin Yu was discovered by Li Yunxin for having multiple boats in his feet, Zhao Jin Yu’s new love beat up Li Yunxin. In response, Zhao Jinyu compensated Li Yunxin 300,000 yuan.

Zhao Jinyu

Sugar-coated shells in a series of attacks, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission turned into a lover

In May 2013, Zhao Jinyu was reported. The company’s main goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services to the public. After receiving the report letter, Li Yunxin looked for Zhao Jingyu to talk to, and to be treated lightly. To show his gratitude, he gave Li Yunxin sent 150,000.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

In October, Zhao Jin Yu and Li Yunxin developed a lover’s relationship.

That year, Li Yunxin was 44 years old and Zhao Jinyu was 51.

Li Yunxin

The dean of the hospital foot in multiple boats, the new love assaulted the secretary of the discipline inspection committee, the dean of compensation 300,000

After the two developed into a lover’s relationship, Zhao Jin Yu gave Li Yunxin monthly living expenses, initially 10,000 yuan per month, later reduced to 6,000 yuan.

The reporter roughly calculated that, over the years, Zhao Jin Yu gave Li Yunxin living expenses amounted to 260,000 yuan.

In August 2014, Zhao Jinyu spent 135,000 yuan to buy Li Yunxin a Honda JADE car.

In addition, according to Li Yunxin’s testimony, “Zhao Jinyu would give my son and mother some money every year for the holidays, which could amount to about 20,000 yuan in total.”

The verdict shows that in the winter of 2014, Li Yunxin found out that Zhao Jinyu had an affair with someone else.

According to Zhao Jinyu, “Li Yunxin suspected that I had an ambiguous relationship with Gao, who beat Li Yunxin, and I compensated Li Yunxin with 300,000 yuan.”

On March 7, 2017, Li Yunxin fell. By this time her identity had changed from deputy director of the Municipal Health and Planning Commission to a member of the party group of the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.

In May 2017, the two were simultaneously double-opened and transferred to justice. However, there are no reports of Li Yunxin’s public verdict yet.