The reasons for the conviction of the former richest man in Tibet, Dorjee Zhaxi, and his recent situation in prison

The former richest man in Tibet, Dorjee Zhaxi, was arrested in 2008 on suspicion of “illegal business operation” and sentenced to life imprisonment two years later on charges of “loan fraud. According to sources, this was a trumped-up charge, and Dorjee Zhaxi was convicted for offending high-ranking Communist Party officials.

He was arrested in 2008 after the 314 incident in Tibet and sentenced to life imprisonment in 2010 on charges of “loan fraud. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The person in the know Mr. Wang: “Dorje Zhaxi development of real estate, Dorje and Dorjezdan (Dorje Zhaxi brother) to a villa, Dorje Zhaxi did not give him, they formed a grudge between the two. The company’s main goal was to get rid of the Lhasa municipal party committee secretary, Gongbao Zaxi, so he approached Dorjeesdan and Dorjeesdan to report that Gongbao Zaxi had taken bribes, but Dorjeesdan and Dorjeesdan did not report, so Rob Dondru was not satisfied. 2008 is not a riot in Tibet, 0246 Dorjee and Lobdenju on the partnership, want to get them both directly to death, Dorjee Zhaxi was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment for loan fraud, deprivation of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property.”

Mr. Wang pointed out that the crime of loan fraud is a trumped up charge.

Mr. Wang: “First, he has a full guarantee, second, the bank up to now does not think that constitute fraud, they have multiple transactions with the bank, they are more honest, the public prosecutor how to find the bank to report the case, the bank did not report the case. Third, this loan eventually returned to the bank with interest all.”

Dorjee Zhaxi appealed twice against the verdict, but to no avail, and the defense attorney was ordered to abandon his representation. Mr. Wang revealed that Dorjee Zhaxi refused to admit his guilt and was tortured in prison and covered with illness.

Mr. Wang: “Their family is not to go to the complaint, but all lost, he can not represent this case, you just find a lawyer, he began to intervene, Dorje Zhaxi now plead not guilty, Lobutonzhu has the power to let the prison always pack Dorje Zhaxi, Dorje Zhaxi almost in the confinement cell to serve the sentence, made a disease.”

Wang said that Dorje Zhaxi has high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., but also has varicose veins, that is because he was hung up for a long time, handcuffed to a high place, feet hanging in the air, and got.