U.S. media exclusive: Democratic senators anti-China entrapped private goods $10 billion moon landing contract to be given to Bezos

The Breitbart News reported on May 12 that Senate Commerce Committee Chairwoman Maria Cantwell (D-Calif.) plans to use the Endless Frontier Act, bipartisan legislation to fight Communist China’s technological advances, to hand over billions of dollars worth of federal contracts to billionaire Jeff Bezos, who runs the aerospace company in Washington state.

On April 16 NASA awarded billionaire Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) a contract for the Human Landing System (HLS) through the Artemis moon landing program, with Bezos’ Blue Origin also in the running. on April 27, CBS revealed that Blue Origin will seek to overturn NASA’s decision to award the contract to Space Exploration Technologies, however the appeal process is expected to last several months and will not be resolved until late summer at the earliest.

So, Senator Cantwell of Bezos’ home state of Washington took action, planning to force an amendment into the Endless Frontier Act to create a congressionally mandated second contract for the human landing system in NASA’s Artemis Moon program, worth $10 billion. While the text of the legislation does not mention who will get the deal, congressional sources familiar with the matter told Breitbart News people widely expect Blue Origin to compete aggressively for the second human landing system contract.

Essentially, that means Cantwell is carving out what could end up being a $10 billion deal for the company in her home state of Washington, while Blue Origin has been determined by NASA to be unsuitable to develop the technology for the moon landing.

The Endless Frontier Act has broad support from both Democrats and Republicans, and is purportedly designed to counter the Communist Party’s long-planned investments in infrastructure, technology, academia, commerce and more.

However, the legislation has begun to face criticism from conservatives in both the House and Senate on Capitol Hill, with both the Republican Study Committee, led by Rep. Jim Banks (R-OH), and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) this week questioning the seriousness of the legislation and whether the content is consistent with the tough talking points that have been effective against the Chinese Communist Party.