Flash crash! Bitcoin sudden dive: 280,000 people burst, 1 hour burst over 12.8 billion

Bitcoin took a sudden dive in the early morning, falling below $55,000 at one point

Earlier today, Bitcoin saw a flash crash, and as of press time, its 24-hour decline expanded to 16%, losing $46,000 per coin, Ether fell over 13%, Ripple fell over 17%, and Dogcoin fell over 27%.

Bitcoin led the dive and directly brought down the virtual currency market, with the cryptocurrency blowout volume exceeding $10 billion in the past 24 hours.

According to real-time data, the bitcoin blowout reached over $12.8 billion in the past 1 hour, while a total of 286,202 people blew out their positions in the last 24 hours.

For a big dive in bitcoin, some professional bodies gave a statement related to the latest attitude of Musk, who announced on Wednesday through social media platforms, suspending the purchase of Tesla cars in bitcoin.

Finally, it is still a reminder that the cryptocurrency world is risky and extremely risky, and it is still important to be always cautious when making related investments.