Prize for vaccination against CCP virus Ohio governor offers million dollar prize and college scholarships

The Gateway Pundit reported Wednesday, May 12, that Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) announced a raffle to award $1 million each to five adults who have been vaccinated against the C.C.V. virus and that five youths are eligible for four-year scholarships to Ohio State University.

In a situation where vaccination rates in Ohio are already slipping, Gov. DeWine addressed the state on Wednesday evening, saying that as of June 2, all state health orders for the C.C.V. virus will be rescinded, except for nursing homes, and asking businesses to come up with incentives to encourage people to get vaccinated.

As it stands now, The Reds and Indians and minor league teams are offering discounted tickets as long as they are vaccinated, White Castle is offering free butter cake and Kroge is offering $100 cash to employees. Many other companies are also offering vaccinations for employees and their families at their workplaces.

Governor DeWine also announced a raffle to provide a full four-year scholarship to Ohio State University for tuition, room and board, and books, starting two weeks from tonight on Wednesday (May 26), with one winner announced for five consecutive Wednesdays for vaccinators ages 12-17. Also, one vaccinator vaccinator will be awarded $1 million for each of these five consecutive Wednesdays for adult vaccinators.

The “Ohio Million Vaccine” sweepstakes will be drawn from the Ohio Secretary of State’s public voter registration database. If people are not in the database, they can also enter the drawing through a dedicated webpage. The Ohio Department of Health will be the sponsoring agency for the sweepstakes, with funds coming from existing federal Communist virus relief funds.