Terror! Chinese Communist Party Infiltrates U.S. Elections -The Chinese Communist Party’s Infiltration of Local Elections in New York Chinese Electioneers Experience

He was shocked to see the Chinese Communist Party’s blatant infiltration of local elections in New York, the Chinese Consulate’s “behind-the-scenes” manipulation, and the use of overseas Chinese groups and chambers of commerce in the “front stage. He was horrified to see that the Chinese Consulate was operating “behind the scenes” and using overseas Chinese groups and chambers of commerce to operate “in front of the stage,” and that people in the “front of the stage” even said “it’s impossible to run without the Chinese Consulate.

On his Facebook page, Gobiton recounted his personal experience with the Chinese Communist Party’s omnipresent infiltration of American politics. (Screenshot from Gobiton’s Facebook page)

Gobiton said he went to New York City in January to help a friend run for Congress to conduct preliminary research, but he did not expect to be “targeted by the Chinese Communist Party” on his first day in New York.

He said a man left a message on his Facebook page saying he could arrange lodging for him, and when he replied as a courtesy to thank him, he was immediately offered dinner, and when he made contact, he was taken to a place and told that it “could be his office. When Gobbledon went there, he found the five-star red flag hanging inside.

“They told me that if you want to get the person who is running for Congress elected, you can’t offend the local Chinese forces, and that there are three major forces in New York that control all the Chinese in New York.” Gobbledon said, “He said a lot of things, and it was one element: if you want to support that congressman to get elected, you have to give up being anti-communist.”

Which three forces controlled the Chinese in New York? In a later interview with this reporter, Gobiton said that because he was unfamiliar with New York’s overseas Chinese groups and their leaders, he remembered only one person named Chen Shanzhuang, because Chen’s name often appeared in the media and he was impressed by it; he could not remember the names of the other two.

In March of this year, Gobi-dong decided to formally support his friend’s candidacy for the New York Assembly, so he drove all the way from California to New York.

When he arrived, he and his friend took a trip to Pennsylvania, where they stayed at the house of a man surnamed Zhou, who identified himself as the “president of the Shanghai Association of Chinese People’s Villagers,” who told Gobiton and the others that they “could not do without the Chinese Consulate” to run for office in New York.

He sat down and told us that the candidates and I were there at the same time, and they said, “You can’t run for Congress without going through the Chinese Consulate,” Gobiton said in an interview on New Tang Dynasty host Lin Lan’s “News Talk. Those chambers of commerce, overseas Chinese groups, they are not going to let you get through, whoever is behind it, a campaign, and an elected Chinese legislator, and whoever is supported by the famous pro-communist business groups in the U.S. East, told us very clearly.”

Gobiton made his position clear to the “Shanghai Fellowship President” and tried to show that the Chinese Consulate could not work with him and the candidate, but the other party said that Gobiton’s and the candidate’s past anti-communist experiences were “internal conflicts” and that if they were willing to go to the Chinese Consulate, “all those problems could be solved. “all those problems can be solved”.

“I told him that both the candidate and I had served time in the Chinese Communist Party and could not have been involved in this. He said something that shocked me. The consulate said something like: These things of yours are ‘internal conflicts,’ and Falun Gong is the ‘enemy conflict,’ as long as it’s not Falun Gong. Later that sentence was even more serious – after you start, I will take you to the consulate and all your problems will be solved. The implication is that we who have been in prison, you are now anti-communist and stand against the CCP, you have been in prison, and when you get to the Chinese consulate, as long as you are pro-communist, what you have done in prison before doesn’t count. In the end it’s all about threats and enticements.”

Gobbledon also recorded on Facebook what happened at that time: “‘The president’ clearly said that to run for office in New York, he could not do without the Chinese Consulate, otherwise those associations would not only not help, but would also cause trouble. I was asked if I had WeChat, to pull me into a fan group of local mayoral candidates and Chinese congressmen, and to help the ‘campaigners’ meet with both of them.”

“He was obviously very familiar with the situation, and said that the people mentioned were paid for by several ‘overseas Chinese associations’ and ‘chambers of commerce’ in New York to put them up. What he said later was almost exactly the same as that ‘Five Star Red Flag’ in January. In a nutshell, to run for office you can’t run against the CCP! It’s impossible for a dumber person to not know what they are doing at this point. The campaign was still just a topic of conversation, and the Communists had already cut to the chase.”

I told the “president” that both I and the “campaigner” had been in the CCP. He said something that shocked me even more, saying that the consulate had said that the pro-democracy movement was an internal conflict within the people, and Falun Gong was an enemy conflict between us. As long as it was not Falun Gong, it was fine. He had no qualms about saying, “After you start, I will take you to the consulate and connect you to the line. All your matters will be resolved.”

Gobbledon said during the interview, “I was amazed at how unapologetic and single-minded he was.”

Later, the president of the Shanghai Association pulled him and the candidates into several WeChat groups, such as a “fan group” for mayoral candidates, “full of people from overseas Chinese groups and chambers of commerce.” On March 27, there was a “Asian Life Gui “On March 27th, there was a meeting with a Chinese congressman, a Chinese candidate, and a candidate that Gobiton was running for, and they initially arranged for Gobiton to accompany them, but the day before they went, Gobiton was denied access because they did a “background check” on him, saying that he had worked for Da Ji Yuan. “Because of my anti-communist background, I was pushed out because I was really anti-communist.”

Gorbidon said he was “horrified” that the Chinese Communist Party had so blatantly infiltrated the U.S. election.

He said, “These two things are very clear, the Chinese Communist Party is interfering in the U.S. election, participating in the election, its black hand is unscrupulous, there is no cover up, this is very scary. The campaign for Congress is just a topic of conversation, and before it even starts, the communist Trojan horse is already sniffing around the U.S. And it directly involves the consulate, openly telling you that this is the consulate, recklessly, a situation that you can’t believe this thing at all if you’re not experiencing it firsthand. How can they be so bold? I personally experienced, what happened to my face, this is not happening in China, this is happening in Hong Kong, this is happening in the United States in New York, this is very scary.”