Xi Jinping: How do you know I’m coming? People: I dare not say

On May 12, Xi Jinping visited Nanyang City, Henan Province, and asked the “masses” of actors in the Moon Festival Park: “How do you know I’m coming?” Netizens chortled: How dare you answer, that is to fall head?

According to official media reports, Xi Jinping 12 in Nanyang City, Henan Province, visited the Medical Temple, Moon Festival Expo Park, Nanyang Medicine Yi Bao mugwort products Co.

The video posted by netizens shows that Xi Jinping is surrounded by his entourage and bodyguards, all in black, and even the reporters are also dressed in black. When Xi Jinping walked forward, the reporters and bodyguards panicked and looked around for the best position so as not to make a mistake. While touring the Moon Festival Park, Xi asked the “tourists” who had been waiting there and standing in a line, “How did you know I was coming?” None of the “tourists” answered Xi’s question positively. They just said, “The visitors are here. Xi went on to say, “You are all Zhuge Liang, know all about astronomy and geography.” Netizens tease: which dare to answer? The truth and falsehoods are to fall off the head.