Taiwan stocks 2 days wildly killed 2,000 points! Worse than the Indian stock market fall Xie Jinhe exposed the next crisis

Taiwan stocks tumbled, yesterday (12) Taiwan stocks opened lower, once plunged more than 1,400 points during the day, the final disk lost the 16,000-point mark, the volume of turnover even exploded 772.7 billion yuan historical days. The company’s main business is to promote the development of the company’s products and services.

The company’s main business is to promote the development of the company. (Photo/reproduced from Hsieh Chin Ho’s Facebook page)

The company’s main business is to promote the development of the company’s products and services. “.

He also analyzed that Taiwan stocks killed more than 2,000 points in two trading days, the biggest reason is that the epidemic is out of control, the emergence of community infection, the level of epidemic prevention, will certainly affect economic activities, and pointed out that “the stock market has accumulated huge gains, this time will be like a fire in the theater, we will scramble to flee, careless people will appear tragic trampling on people”, in In the epidemic emergency, no one knows what changes will follow, when ignorance and fear will make the stock market appear out of control killing.

In addition to the epidemic out of control, Xie Jinhe also believes that “Taiwan stocks have a challenge next”, that is, “rising inflationary pressure”, the 12th U.S. stocks also joined the ranks of the plunge, which investors saw the U.S. CPI index in April up to 4.2%, since the financial tsunami, the The United States set an inflation target value of 2%, but the CPI index rarely crosses this target, now running out of 4.2%, the market’s greatest concern becomes the Federal Reserve’s rate hike, up more technology stocks began to appear in a series of falling scenes.

Taiwan’s semiconductor stocks on the 12th in the U.S. stock market also appeared to kill, TSMC fell more than 4%, Sun and Moon, UMC fell more than 7%, Qi Jing Optoelectronics fell more than 10%, such a decline, is bound to impulse again to the 13th Taiwan stocks.

Xie Jinhe put the stock market trend of India, where the epidemic is most critical now, and Taiwan stocks together, and found that “Taiwan stocks seem to have fallen more severely than the Indian stock market”, which can be seen that Taiwan investors react quickly. The market is full of speculative atmosphere this time, the shareholder club shouting prices indiscriminately, when the rush fever rises sharply, Taiwan stock trading volume frequently record highs, the stock market many white-knuckle kill the market, people do not care about the fundamentals, only seeking to make quick money, the market speculative atmosphere reached the highest point.

However, he also believes that this is a turnaround, “this time Taiwan stocks in a sharp pull back after a big rise, the epidemic aggravated, but also to give the market a chance to calm down, which is not a bad thing. Next let the fundamentals speak, the first quarter earnings report in the next two days all revealed, down Taiwan stocks will bring another opportunity for everyone!”