McCarthy’s Lentz apartment allegedly violates D.C. housing rules or House ethics rules

McCarthy, the most senior Republican in the House of Representatives, faced new questions about his living situation Tuesday night, the Daily Mail reported May 12.

On Carlson’s Tuesday show, it was revealed that Luntz’s 700-square-foot penthouse has 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, and that under D.C. building regulations, such apartments cannot be rented room by room, and McCarthy would have to rent the entire property for $25,000 a month. If he did not pay this fee, he would be convicted of accepting a gift under House ethics rules, which are also not allowed by the House.

According to online property records, Luntz is the registered owner of four apartments in the Penn Quarter building, which have been combined into a luxury penthouse, for a property management fee of $4,976 a month alone.

The Daily Mail said some members of Congress rent or buy homes in Washington, D.C., to live in while Congress is in session, and others may sleep on their office couches, as McCarthy has in the past. Most members of Congress avoid staying with friends out of concern for ethical rules against accepting gifts.