News: Police harass Niu Tengyu’s mother at home

Nine human rights officials from the U.S., German, French, and European Union embassies in Beijing met with the mother of Niu Tengyu, the main perpetrator of the “Vulgar Wiki” case, to learn more about the case and the details of the torture Niu and the 23 others were subjected to.

Today (May 12), near 12:30 p.m. Beijing time, police came to Niu Tengyu’s mother’s home and harassed her. The situation is unknown at this time.

Niu Tengyu, 20, was charged as the main offender in the “Vulgar Wiki” case that resulted in the leaking of Xi Jinping’s daughter’s personal information, and was sentenced to 14 years and a fine of 130,000 yuan. During a meeting with his lawyer, Niu Tengyu revealed that he was beaten by the neck, had his genitals burned with a lighter, and was put on a “tiger bench”.

Xiao Yanrui, founder of the website “Vulgar Wiki”, also spoke out on behalf of Niu Tengyu earlier, revealing that the public security officials in charge of the case sent yin and yang documents to the Communist Party’s Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department and the Communist Party’s Ministry of Public Security respectively, framing Niu Tengyu as the main culprit. The personal information of Xi Jinping’s daughter was purchased from within the police and had nothing to do with the 24 young people. The Guangdong police then went to Chongqing to threaten Xiao Yanrui’s mother, intimidating her into silence.

Xiao Yanrui said the personal information of Xi Jinping’s family was first disclosed by the overseas “Red Bank Foundation” and “Chinawiki” websites, and “Vulgar Wiki” shared the links. The public security officials in charge of the case could not catch the overseas exposer, so they arrested 24 young people as “scapegoats”.

As we previously reported, the parents have twice issued open letters calling for high-level attention to the unjust case, but have received no official response, and the Guangdong police have instead issued death threats against the parents.

The case has attracted international attention, and more than a month ago, nine human rights officials from the U.S. and German embassies in China met with Niu Tengyu’s mother to discuss the details of the case, including the torture of the convicted young man.