Hong Kong’s National Security Division scandal, the first director of the “pornography” caught in the spotlight

The Hong Kong National Security Branch, which was established only last year, has been exposed to a scandal, and its first director, Choi Chin-pang, was recently caught red-handed by the Hong Kong police during a massage in an unlicensed massage parlor. The scandal was covered up by the police for a month before it came to light, the police have ordered Choi Chin-pang leave, under investigation.

Hong Kong “Sing Tao Daily” quoted sources that Choi Chin-pang earlier patronized a massage parlor, encountered Hong Kong police officers door-to-door license check, found Choi was receiving massage in the store. As the massage parlor is operating without a license, and Cai’s identity is sensitive, the police officer in charge immediately reported to his superiors, alarming the highest level of the police force, ordered a thorough investigation.

Sources said that Tsai Chin-pang faced a disciplinary investigation by the police force and was on temporary leave for nearly a month.

He joined the force in 1995 and was promoted to senior superintendent in 2014, serving as a unit commander in the Security Wing. This agency is similar to the National Security Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in that it collects intelligence information and carries out espionage activities. Tsai Chin-pang served as the first Director of the National Security Division.

In the same year, Choi was awarded the Hong Kong Police Medal of Excellence, and he was once considered a popular candidate for the future Commissioner of Police of Hong Kong. However, since 2019, when the Hong Kong public carried out the anti-China protest movement, the credibility of the Hong Kong police has been seriously damaged due to the violent suppression of protesting people, and Hong Kong people even called the police black police and no longer have trust in them.

The outside world has noticed that Tsai Chin-pang’s identity is secretive and almost never exposed in the media. In January, the U.S. announced sanctions against six Hong Kong and Chinese officials for undermining democracy in Hong Kong, and Tsoi was one of those sanctioned, with his credit under control.

In March, Tsoi paid off the mortgage on his Fo Tan Dragon Hill mansion, which is worth about HK$13.09 million, to Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Bank.

The exposure of Tsoi Chin-pang’s pornography scandal sparked public opinion in Hong Kong. Hong Kong police responded by saying that a police officer found in an unlicensed massage parlor during a license check operation was involved in allegations of misconduct and is now on leave for investigation.

At around 6:00 a.m. on May 12, many media reporters waited outside the Hong Kong Police Commissioner’s residence and Wanchai Police Headquarters for Commissioner of Police Tang Ping-keung to respond to the incident, with police officers pulling up a cordon outside Tang’s residence.