Revealed: Facebook Funds Washington International Agency to Help Train Chinese Communist Propaganda Soldiers in “Marxist Journalism

The National Pulse reported on May 11 that Facebook’s Journalism Project, which funnels millions of dollars to the Washington-based International Center for Journalists, the largest funder of the center. The International Center for Journalists also funds the Communist Party’s top “Marxist” journalism school, the School of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University, which trains propagandists for the Communist Party’s state-run media.

Facebook has sent its executives, including Vice President Lori Goler, to guest lecture at the Marxist institution.

In a letter introducing itself, Tsinghua University’s School of Journalism and Communication clearly outlines the purpose of the journalism school, which is to fulfill the Communist Party’s “mission of news media. In order to “train excellent professionals who can achieve these goals,” the CCP-controlled school is to apply “the correct political direction,” Marxism, to journalism.”

The core mission of the Beijing-based institute is to train journalists who “lead public opinion” rather than emphasize factual, objective reporting. As a result, the academy’s alumni often work for Communist state-run media outlets, including CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily and People’s Daily. These institutions are major players in the CCP’s state-run media and are considered to be the “longstanding weapons of Beijing’s repression” with a “mission to attack the CCP’s designated enemies.

The cooperation with Tsinghua University is also egregious in light of its alleged cyberattacks on the U.S. government, its “clear links” to the CCP government on technology and national security issues, and the fact that Tsinghua University is President Xi’s alma mater, according to the State Department.

Facebook’s Project Journalism, which has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into major media and fact-checking operations, has also partnered with the International Center for Journalists on a variety of activities. These two organizations have funded institutions in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East to train journalists in “fact-checking” and silencing criticism of the Democratic Party and the Chinese Communist Party.