Oxford study reveals: Twitter/Facebook refuse to remove CCP’s army of bot propaganda

The National Pulse reported on May 11 that a seven-month investigation by the Associated Press and the Oxford Internet Institute found that Twitter and Facebook, failed to suspend and flag tens of thousands of bot accounts linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

The report highlights that Twitter, which can quickly censor American conservatives, and its slow in dealing with CCP propaganda and manipulation of algorithms, with retractions often taking place weeks or months later.

Overall, the Associated Press and the Oxford Internet Institute identified 26,879 bot accounts associated with the CCP that retweeted messages from CCP diplomats or official media nearly 200,000 times, but only 5 percent were suspended.

The report notes that “of the total number of Twitter retweets from many diplomat accounts, these bot accounts, sometimes more than half, affected hundreds of millions of people, but often without indicating that the retweets were sponsored by the CCP.”

Another table shows Twitter’s failure to mark accounts belonging to Communist Party officials as “Communist Party-owned.” Similarly, Facebook marked only 22 percent of non-English-language official Communist Party media.

“Twitter and other organizations have previously identified networks of bot accounts that support the CCP. But the investigation by the Associated Press and Oxford University’s Internet Institute, which for the first time showed massive bot accounts, is widely promoting official government and state media accounts, again solidifying the evidence that the CCP steers public opinion.

Previously, National Pulse reported that the CCP had deployed a large number of “fifty-cent” troops to criticize President Trump and Trump’s viral anti-communist deployment.